4 Tips for Choosing an Affordable Vanity Set

4 Tips for Choosing an Affordable Vanity Set

Once considered a preserve for the few, vanity sets are currently available to a much broader audience thanks to their affordablility over the most recent years. It is normal that some people may still have difficulties finding quality sets without breaking the wallet. This article outlines the top four tips to include in your decision-making process for the best results:

1) Consider Its Features

You will not spend much to get the kind of elegance that magnificent vanity sets offer. These days, there are varieties of cheap vanity sets that prove to be beautiful beyond doubt at astonishingly fair prices. To get something that satisfies your desires without straining your budget, it is prudent to consider its features. It is only through comparing the features of one vanity set to another that you will truly settle for what suits you best. The most notable characteristic of this genre of furniture is the presence of at least one mirror and a bench. However, this is never the same for all sets, allowing you to customize it based on your unique style and preferences. Besides, the number of drawers is also variable from one type to another giving the difference between this furniture in terms of the extra storage space.

2) The Choice of Material

Similarly, you should also consider the kind of material used in dressing the vanity set during your decision-making. Whether painted or stained, most of the furniture in this genre are conventionally made of wood. However, not all the vanity sets in the market are made of this raw material. There is the emergence of new design movements in recent years that incorporate the use of different materials such as glass, metal and mirror finish. This creates a pool of options to help you purchase what truly fits your style and most importantly, your budget.

3) Placement and Size

Bathrooms are usually tiny rooms in your house, but it is paramount to opt for a vanity size that is in harmony with its size. Several pointers should be taken into account to accommodate such requirements. These include the architectural features of your bathroom and plumbing. You are well aware that bathrooms are a lifelong investment and deserve the utmost care that you would give to your living room. Therefore, you do not want an oversized vanity that will not only limit the aesthetics of your room but also hinder the traffic flow in your bathroom.

4) Consider the Vanity Tops

Once you have the perfect bathroom vanity, it is time to find out the perfect top. The most common types of vanity tops include ceramic, marble, and granite, which, again, vary greatly in terms of quality and pricing. However, if you are looking for a unique countertop, then it may be wise to consider the custom-made vanity tops. Custom made tops provide different options to choose from in addition to allowing for the selection of the perfectly fitting shape and size.

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