Is The Answer To America's Healthcare Dilemmas As Simple As A New Attitude To Treatment?

Is The Answer To America's Healthcare Dilemmas As Simple As A New Attitude To Treatment?

When it comes to health care in the U.S., there are two areas of worry. First, of course, is the cost of healthcare. Even with medical insurance, people in lower pay brackets struggle to get the care they need.

Another is the opioid epidemic. On average, 115 people die of opioid overdoses every day. While there are varying factors, you can trace the issue back to prescription. There’s a reason this issue is hitting America harder than anywhere else. Doctors, it seems, are too keen to prescribe pills without getting to the root of problems. Patients are then left with no choice but to continue taking tablets which lead to addiction.

While different issues, both of these have one thing in common; money. Our healthcare system always needs more, not only to afford pills, but also to stock up on things like IV Carts medical equipment and more. Add to that the fact the opioid epidemic is putting money in tills, only for it to go out again on addiction treatment, and we have a crisis.

But, what if the answer were as simple as turning to therapies with lower overheads? In our capitalistic society, this suggestion is enough to send fear into hearts. But, it could be the ideal solution. While it does stop money coming in, this could also reduce the number of drugs prescribed. Thus, there’s every chance the money matter will even itself out. Healthcare centers could even find themselves with more to play with.

But, what are these free therapy options, and how can healthcare centers implement them?

Laughter therapy

The popularity of laughter therapy has been increasing in mental health treatment for years. Still, doctors could benefit from introducing this into more treatment plans. Benefits from therapy like this include improved cardiac health and reduced blood pressure. Laughter also releases endorphins which fight pain. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a penny.

Art therapy

Art therapy has long been recommended for those with suffering from mental illness. The distracting and focused nature of creativity help patients to destress and address past issues. But, with pain fighting properties of its own, painting could also benefit those with long-term pain. Even better, an addiction to art doesn’t pose risks to other aspects of health.

Animal-assisted therapy

Admittedly, animal-assisted isn’t free for the patients who embark on it. But, it is free for the doctors who recommend it. The effectiveness of a therapy like this has come under fire a lot in recent years. But, a study published in Medical News Today last year reported that dog ownership reduced the risk of a death by a third. Studies at Harvard also suggest dog ownership can lower the risks of heart disease due to an increased likelihood of regular walking. That’s not to mention the mental benefits of dog ownership.

So, what can we conclude from this? Should we all ditch the pills and get a dog instead? It might not be such a bad idea, after all.

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