5 Key Target Markets To Consider For Your Business (And How To Appeal To Them)

5 Key Target Markets To Consider For Your Business (And How To Appeal To Them)

If only every single person was equally as interested in our products, then we would have a fair chance of selling to anyone that came across our brand. Of course, that's not how things work in real life. In fact, it is often the case that the item or service we are offering is only attractive to a particular demographic or part of the population. Luckily, the post below can help you identify some of the best groups to consider when targeting your products, as well as how to appeal to them specifically.


Some businesses believe that targeting their product at kids no good because they don't have any income of their own to spend. However, what you need to remember here is that children are incredibly adept at convincing their parents to make purchases, something that can be leveraged to help the sale of your product.

Of course, to facilitate this, it is crucial that not only your product but your marketing is geared towards a younger audience. A good strategy for this is to include using bright colors, as well as humanizing your brand through animated or illustrated characters just as Kellogs does with Coco Pops.

Also, remember that any advertising needs to be engaging and entertaining so consider using songs and even running free online games to reinforce your brand's presence.


Another key demographic to consider selling your product too are teenagers. In fact, young people often have a more considerable disposal income than adults because they have fewer outgoings to worry about. They also have more free time to invest in things like researching a product online and shopping too.

Appealing to teenagers is something that many brands can do successfully by primarily using social media as their main marketing tool. In fact, platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and to a lesser extent Twitter and Facebook are fantastic opportunities to tap into youth culture and place your product firmly in the frame.

Remember though that novel and entertaining content, as well as product placement, are the weapons of choice here. Especially, if you can get influencers that are trending to use or mention your item. Something that you may be able to do as merely by providing them with a free sample.

Business owners

Businesses buy from business as well. In fact, it is one of the keys ways in which the economy works. To that end, it can be hugely profitable to target businesses and professional organizations instead of private individuals.

Free gifts can earn you a lot of positive regard.

In particular, a popular method of appealing to this group and getting your brand out there is to provide free gifts. Traditionally, these would be items such as mugs and mouse mats, but there are some much more inventive an exciting options now including flash drives, and wearables that you might wish to try if you want your brand to stand out.

Of course, the critical aspect here is not only highlighting the benefit of buying your specific product but also making it attractive cost wise as well. Obviously, your marketing and sales department will need to handle the first issue, and when it comes to the second offering discounts on bulk purchases can make all the difference.

In fact, not only can it ensure that your brand is the most attractive to corporate buyers, but also help to establish a habit of them associating your product with a specific use or item that they need. Something that can then help to encourage repeat purchases later on down the line.

Those in the military

Many brave men and women dedicate their lives to serving in the military, and so this is another significant demographic group that your business may want to appeal to. It is wise to remember as well that for every person currently serving there is also their family and those veterans that have done their tours of duty and are now returning to civilian life.

What this means is that there are a considerable number of people that have a direct connection to military life and are likely to support a product that offers benefits for military people.

Regarding marketing one thing that can work well is to offer a discount for those that currently serve. It can also be beneficial to highlight if you offer jobs to those that have been in service as well, as not only will this create a positive PR for your business with those with a military connection, but members of the general public are also much more likely to trust and support you as well.

Also, just like in B2B sale free gifts can be used as a way of hooking potential customers in too. In fact, you may even wish to combine an item like a company branded a challenge medal, something you discover more about commissioning by clicking the link, with a discount. Thus demonstrating the respect you have for those that are or have served and so generating some great word of mouth feedback in the process.


Lastly, an another demographic that it can be profitable to appeal to. In particular, the modern mother may have more disposable income, but less time. An issue that it can be beneficial to address in your marketing.

What this means is that there are two approaches you can use. The first is to appeal to the mother that has little time to treat herself, by offering a taste of luxury in the everyday. If you decide to approach this market, aspirational adverts that reinforce that she deserves some pampering are a good idea, although they comedic angle can work well here too.

The other approach is to demonstrate how your product can help a mom recover some time in the day, whether that is to spend with her kids or on herself. Marketing across multiple platforms can well equally well here, and product placement on mommy blogs, and as well as short, entertaining videos are a great place to start in appealing to this specific target market.

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