3 Ways to Get a Better Grade on Your College Essay Paper

3 Ways to Get a Better Grade on Your College Essay Paper

In most colleges, before students are accepted, they are required to write essays as part of the application process. Even after acceptance, they continue writing essays throughout their course of study. As a student in college, whenever you write an essay, you learn how to logically express yourself.

You can also improve your writing style, vocabulary and writing skills. Writing essays can also make you more creative, logical and a talented thinker, writer and speaker. Essays are given to students majorly to demonstrate their understanding of course material, measuring critical skills and creative thinking.

Essay writing also helps students learn about real life. Here are 3 ways to get a better grade on your college essay:

1. Carefully Read Your Assignment

It is always of great importance to read the assignment given and ensure you have understood it. You could begin by looking for some important essay writing keywords such as explain, analyze, compare and contrast. These keywords can specifically enable you to know how exactly the essay given needs to be done.

For instance, when your instructor asks you to analyze, you are expected to pull apart the entire context into elements and explain their functions. Most assignments are graded based on breakdowns such as spelling, grammar, organization and the strength of your sources. The grading criteria are usually given in the instruction part.

2. Brainstorm

Brainstorming usually comes up after research has been done and you are ready to put your ideas into writing. There are many ways of brainstorming. However, writing your ideas down instead of just keeping them in your head is the best way to brainstorm.

Write your ideas in clouds and draw lines to connect your concepts. Bullet points can also assist you in listing down your key points. You could also try free writing to help your creative ideas flow.  Also try writing about the given topic for about 20 minutes without censoring your ideas.

3.    Draft Your Essay Paper

This can be done by outlining the structure of your essay. Plug in your citations and sources. The importance of outlining your essay is to make it easier to write. All you’ll need to do is to fill in the structure you have created.

Write your introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Never forget to go through your written essay paper to avoid grammatical and spelling errors.

Besides essay papers, instructors can give students dissertations, thesis paper, course works or research paper to work on. They all require exceptional writing skills you can only develop by practicing to write essays. The essays you write reveal a lot of important things about your personality. Something your test scores or grades cannot reveal.

A good essay provides a sense of who you really are apart from showcasing your writing skills. Remember to practice writing as often as you can to improve your writing skills. It’s through practice that you can attain your essay writing goals.

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