5 Ways To Promote Your Business Online

5 Ways To Promote Your Business Online

Online marketing is essential for any modern company – nowadays, most customers discover new business exclusively through the internet. Here are just several ways in which you can make use of the web in order to promote your business.  


Build a website

Building a company website should be your first step. Your website is your shopfront to the internet and all other forms of advertising should lead here.

To build a website, you’ll need to first buy a domain name which you can do from various web hosting services such as Go Daddy. You can then decide whether to build your own website or get a professional to code one from scratch.

Building your own website can be done for free using a content builder such as Wordpress. This website builder doesn’t require you to have any coding knowledge and you can customised your website using simple drag and drop methods.

Alternatively, you may prefer to hire a web development company to build a website from scratch. This could allow more freedom when it comes to design – content builders can be limiting, whilst a website coded from scratch can be built exactly to your vision. You should shop around for web development companies to find the one with the best pricing and reputation.


Make use of social media

Once you’ve got a website, the next important component to think about is social media. Many companies now use social media as a way of keeping existing customers in the loop when it comes to company updates and promotions. It can also be a good medium for attracting new customers through promoted posts and ads. On top of this, it offers you the chance to interact with potential customers, which you can’t always do via a website.

Facebook and Twitter are the most common social media platforms to use – you should set up a business page on both of these platforms and start posting content. Other social media sites may also be worth trying out – Instagram can allow you to post pictures of your business, Youtube could allow you to create video content and LinkedIn is great for business-to-business networking. Make sure to link your social media pages to your website. Plug-ins can allow website visitors to easily follow you on social media, whilst a hyperlink to your website could allow social media visitors to check out your site.


Invest in SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimisation – it is a means of helping to boost your rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. Most customers will find your site by using a search engine, so it’s important to make the most of these platforms.

Much of SEO is about using keywords, although there are other factors at play too. You’re best off investing in the services of an SEO company who can help to improve your website and your general web presence in order to help improve your rankings.


Create PPC ads

PPC (pay-per-click) ads can also help to improve your company’s exposure. These are ads which display until a certain amount of people have clicked on them. It’s worth paying a professional graphic designer to create a display ad for you. You can then distribute this ad through Google.

A lot of different factors can affect the success of an ad – you may want to do your research into PPC and learn more about Google ads automation scripts. On top on display ads, there are also web ads, which are also worth investing in. You can distribute ads through social media and other sites.


Encourage others to promote you

You can also encourage others to promote your company online. Cross-promotion is a common strategy that involves teaming up with another company to promote one another’s brand - you promote them in exchange for them promoting you. This is free and can be a great way of generating extra business.

You can also pay others to promote you. This could include paying influential bloggers to review your product or simply paying influential people to post about your product on social media.

Finally, you can use your existing clients to help promote you online. By encouraging positive online reviews on sites like Trust Pilot, you can improve your company’s reputation. Many people read reviews and make a judgement on whether to use a company based on how positive they are - encourage every happy customer to leave a review so that people trust your brand!

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