The Best Old-timey Novelty Gifts for the Man in Your Life

The Best Old-timey Novelty Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Have you got a special man in your life, be it a boyfriend, husband, father, or brother, who you need to buy a gift for, but who seems to have everything they want or need already? Maybe you just don’t really know what kind of thing they’d like. It happens from time to time that the people we’re closest to are still really enigmatic when it come to knowing what kind of gift would work for them.

While there are a bunch of different approaches you could take to resolving this issue (undercover detective work extraordinaire), one straightforward solution is to buy them a novelty gift and hope for the best.

If that sounds like a tempting proposition to you, here are some great novelty gift ideas for the man in your life.


A pipe

Yep, a pipe. Yes, one of those things that a wizard from a children’s book would smoke, or a gentleman from a good few years back in the day, or maybe the dictator of a small country somewhere.

Pipes can be a great novelty gift as an ornament, if nothing else. Many of them benefit from intricate and artful carvings, and can be great to display on a mantelpiece.

While you certainly shouldn’t be encouraging those close to you to smoke, if the man in question already uses cigarettes, researching the best tobacco pipes might at least result in him developing a slightly more refined and quirky way of getting his fix, until such a time as he’s ready to kick the habit. (There are also vape pipes, for what it’s worth.)


A cutthroat razor

Unless the man you’re shopping for sports a full beard that he’s very proud of, he likely has to go through the same daily routine as most other guys, and dedicate a bit of his time to the shaving ritual each morning.

A good, hipster-friendly novelty gift that’s making a strong comeback these days is the cutthroat razor — so named because it’s pretty much a folding knife that you shave with.

Many guys swear by this technique for getting the ultimate clean shave, and many high-end barbers will use straight, or cutthroat razors. Be warned though; cutthroat razors really can lead to serious injuries, so they have to be handled carefully.

If a cutthroat razor sounds like a bit much, why not buy an old-fashioned safety razor, badger bristle shaving brush, and shaving cup, for a most traditional, but still safer, experience.


Furry slippers

Furry slippers are another old-timey kind of gift, but that doesn’t mean they’re just for show. There’s a reason why these things were so popular until recent times. They’re just really comfortable.

If you feel that the man you’re shopping for could use a bit more luxury in his life, but also know that he’s not likely to bring it up himself, buying him a warm and comfy pair of slippers can be a great option.

If you want to go for the full effect, you could also buy a golden retriever and train it to fetch him the morning newspaper.

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