3 Sports You Should Try to Make New Friends

3 Sports You Should Try to Make New Friends

Sports aren’t just about getting fitter or having something to do on a lonely Wednesday evening, they are also about meeting new people and making new friends. This is something that you can do together, learning from each other and having fun along the way.

Whether you are in a league competing for the top spot or you just happen to be in the same room while you train, sport is great for finding those who can encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

But what can you do if you don’t fancy the idea of being on a team? There are a few options for you.



Popular with people of all ages, golf has long been one of the social activities favored by businessmen because there is plenty of time for chatting as you go round the course together. Plus, since you are both competing with the course, any rivalry is only ever going to be friendly.

If you have never played before, try finding a new members day or having a few golf lessons to begin with. You might also like to get some help renting some clubs before you buy. Lightweight golf stand bags are also a must-have item if you are new because the clubs can be heavy when you aren’t used to them.



It might not be a sport in the way you think of it but yoga is fantastic for your general fitness, flexibility and muscle growth. Because you are using your body weight, you will be able to go at your own pace and won’t have to push yourself too far out of your comfort zone.

Yoga classes are usually incredibly supportive and you are likely to meet like-minded people here too. If you work together, you will be able to help each other improve your form and support each other as you learn new poses. This is a lot of fun and as you learn you will find you are getting more confident and have new friends too.


Running Club

Stepping up the exercise element just a bit, a running club is another great way to meet new people and get into a healthy routine. Chatting while running might not be within your capabilities just yet, but having someone jog alongside you while you huff and puff is also profoundly supportive and can form a great basis for friendship.

Doing things together as a team, pulling each other up to reach your best, is always a good thing to do so even if you don’t get to chat while you are out on the track, you will be able to start up a conversation in a cafe afterwards to say thank you for the support.

Though team sports are a great way to make new friends, these alternatives are great if you can’t make regular practices or just want to try out something new. Here you can do your best without fear of letting the team down and your success is not determined by points either. Just go along, do your best and enjoy the moment.

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