7 Actions for Authors Who Want To Enhance Their Writing Careers

7 Actions for Authors Who Want To Enhance Their Writing Careers

Being an aspiring writer you are faced with the ever mounting pressure to stand out and be unique from the rest of the people in your industry. Since a young age you have always loved writing stories, poems and any other type of literature you can scribble down on a scrap of paper. Words give you the freedom to express who you are, how you are feeling or the problems you face at the moment. You can combine an array of beautiful words to create picture perfect description of your story and you wouldn’t change it for the world. The one downside to being a writer is that paid work can be unpredictable and sporadic. You know all about the many educational hobbies that can help to expand your mind, but you want to do one thing and one thing only; that is writing. No matter how focused you are on making your writing career a success, you are going to need to explore several avenues in order to enhance it. Open up your mind and explore the many options available to you and use your writing skills to give your future career as a writer the best step forward.


1. Blogging Brilliance

Blogging is a fundamental platform for business minded people who are hoping to get their name out in the online world. If you haven’t already got a blog, then you should research the advantages of blogging for authors. Contributing to a personal blog on a regular basis not only gives you a chance to showcase your writing but it also gives you the opportunity to interact with people from your industry. Many bloggers also make a significant amount of money from blogging, if you choose a worthwhile topic. Build your own blogging website on Wordpress or Squarespace; you can purchase your own domain name, often for free and be up and running within an hour. Choose a unique and catchy online name which is going to boost your online presence too. Although blogging is going to take a significant amount of time to upkeep, it will do wonders for your career.


2. Be Smart on Social Media

Everybody operates on social media nowadays, but if you don’t have a professional account you are missing a trick. If you do choose to start a blog, social media is the perfect place for you to promote your new blog posts and build a loyal following. Create a strong social media strategy that is going to keep you focused on your posts. You want to create catchy and interesting social media posts that people will want to start follow. Try thinking of a topical theme you can discuss every week and use that as the basis for your overarching strategy.


3. Volunteer Your Skills

You have an undeniable flair for creative writing, so why not use your skills to help other people? The best way to get better at something is to teach other people how to do it. You might find flaws in your methods along the way and it will help you to become a more open minded writer. Whether you volunteer in a school or offer to write for a local magazine. The more you can put your writing skills into real life practise the more proficient you will become.


4. Networking Know-How

If you can get your name into a local paper, magazine or article on a regular basis, you will start to build up a band of loyal readers who will want to hear from you more often. When your name is out there you will be able to network more easily with other people in your industry. You might now realize that business networking can be so powerful, especially in the competitive world of writing. Speak to experts, ask them questions and you might just find yourself with some paid work in the near future.


5. Enhance Your Knowledge

As a writer you will no doubt have a specific genre that is your favourite; this will tend to be your book of choice to read in your spare time too. There is nothing wrong with liking a specific style, but you should always be looking to enhance your knowledge and learn from other authors who are completely different to you. If you like to write romance novels, try reading a science fiction book; you might be able to incorporate innovative elements and techniques from other literature into your own writing.


6. Rigorously Refine That Writing

In your eyes there will never be a ‘finished’ product when it comes to your latest piece of writing. That is absolutely okay, the more you refine, tweak and rejig your writing piece, the better it is going to be. Don’t get downhearted when you can’t get it right first time, stay motivated when it comes to refining your creative writing and you will be happier with the end product.


7. Expand Your Horizons

Even if you specialize in writing a specific genre, you should always try to expand the styles you are working on. Try writing something completely different to normal and you might just be pleasantly surprised by the end product. Many authors make a startling discover about their own abilities when they try something new. Tap into a new niche genre and you will be setting yourself up for a brighter future.

You can make a successful career as a writer and author, as long as you are actively seeking out a variety of opportunities in the writing industry. Take up blogging as a side hobby, volunteer for local magazines, read books you have never read before and try out a new genre for a change. You might just find a completely unique niche that you are truly good at, so don’t leave any stone unturned. You have the chance to make it big in the world of writing so take every opportunity that is in front of you and tackle every task with determination and enthusiasm.

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