Finding Sporting Adventure In Your Local Environment

Finding Sporting Adventure In Your Local Environment

Summer is coming. This can mean plenty, especially in terms of the potential you face for adventure.We all keep new years resolutions at the start of the year, but might we consider new things we might like to try in the summer instead? As the fog and overcast winter rolls s out and we have more potential for finding new activities than ever, grasping the summer with both hands and try to experience all we can could be on the horizon.

If you’re simply looking for something new to do, we’d recommend the following:


Indoor Skiing Slopes

We all love a good skiing vacation. But there is likely an indoor skiing slope with a custom temperature maintenance team near you. Simply check online for the facility closest to your city, and book some time! Be sure to bring certain equipment such as battery heated socks from, and you can begin to get the hang of skiing stability in no time. This also serves a dual purpose, as practicing on the slopes now can help you increase your competence on the snow when you actually take that winter vacation. This effort is served well in the summer, because often the blistering heat of outside can leave you needing to cool off and learn a novel, unique skill you might not find until you pay for an expensive vacation like this. Not only can this train you, serve as a great form of exercise and a great afternoon out with friends.



We all love to dance, but maybe we reserve this for when we’re using our hairbrush as a microphone and dancing in the mirror. Why not learn how to dance professionally? This might take time to do, but it can introduce you to a like-minded community of people, and serve as a great workout. Consider what dance you’d like to learn. Are you into more passionate and romantic displays, such as the Salsa or Tango? Or are you into more showmanship, such as tapdancing? There are many different styles to learn from many different cultures, and learning this alongside people can make you friends for life. Why is this? Well, it’s obvious that learning a dance will place you next to people who are also looking to celebrate life, as dancing is one of the best things there is.

You needn’t get professional with this unless you really love it. Simply doing this can shake the cobwebs off every week, and help you laugh until you cry with people you respect. Sometimes, that’s all a sporting adventure needs to be.



People often consider yoga to be something akin to a spiritual exercise, and with that comes the idea it’s intensely relaxing and peaceful. It can be, but it’s also very hard work. Holding poses and teaching your body to become more flexible can work wonders for your entire body. It can also alleviate certain ailments you might be facing, but for now it’s important to focus on the fun aspect.

Yoga is an adventure. It will take a lot out of you, but you will leave your sessions feeling intensely rejuvenated and extremely peaceful. Over time, this can lead to a real development of patience and empathy in your mind, and this is commonly understood and accepted science. Yoga can be quite nerve-wracking to attend to begin with, as stretching your body in strange contortions is not the most natural of things to begin. You might find walking into a male dominated weight room less daunting. This is why bringing a friend along can be the best method possible, as you can support each other and potentially look silly together too.

Luckily, most yoga teachers are completely accepting and understand when someone is struggling to acquaint themselves with the new and intense treatment that arrives with the first sessions. With the right attitude though, you will make progress in no time, and stay thankful you tried.


Lifting Classes

You might have noticed this trend in weightlifting for a feminine figure. This is because old considerations of the past, namely that lifting makes you ‘swole’ and ‘masculine’ is serviceable not true. Bodybuilders only gain their sizeable frames through deliberate work and strict dieting, meaning that it’s impossible for someone with a feminine frame to get that big without effort (and potentially questionable substances.)

Lifting can be incredibly fun, and serve as an adventure in itself. Learning to low bar squat for the first time, adding five pounds per workout until you’re squatting your bodyweight can allow for a real sense of pride and accomplishment. It can also work your booty, giving you something to be envious of. However, past your aesthetic, lifting in this manner will improve your cardiovascular health, your stretch reflex, your balance and your neuromuscular control. Again, bringing a friend along to spot you during the classes can ensure your safety. We’d also recommend either researching for the best program to follow and reading the manual, or hiring a professional trainer for at least a few sessions, or until you feel comfortable with performing and structuring your own workouts.


Running Meetups

If you look online for a local running community, you will likely find it. It might be fun running on your own, but when you’re with another it seemingly becomes easier to do. You are much more likely to push yourself further and laugh with another as you both become out of breath. It makes the entire affair into a social event rather than a grim duty to be carried out, and often that’s one of the main marks of fun to be had. Not only can this keep you on track with a running schedule, but again brings that cherished sense of community that we all need when starting a new endeavor.

With these tips, you are sure to not only enjoy a fantastic summer with fantastic weather, but meet new people, get fitter, and expose yourself to new experiences. The development of your best self is waiting, and by Autumn 2018 they will be fully here.

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