The Guide To Doing What You Need To Do

The Guide To Doing What You Need To Do

In the modern day and age, people tend to be more in touch with their feelings, and that’s a good change we’ve made for ourselves. We can now recognise all kinds of emotions we’d otherwise be confused about, and there’s a lot of resources out there to help you deal with them. However, that doesn’t mean we live in a perfect world, and there’s a lot of people out there still struggling with doing the right thing for themselves!

For a few examples, people don’t take the time they need, they don’t eat the diet they know they should really be on, and they always find themselves doing things for other people rather than using their energy on their own life. And all this adds up to a busy life that looks good, but rarely feels good. After all, the word selfish has all sorts of negative connotations attached to it, but it’s actually the perfect secret weapon in a world where everyone demands your time and energy.

So it’s clear we need to find some ways to help ourselves do what we actually have to do! Here’s a few tips to get you started on your journey.


Start with Small Habits

No one changes their life in a single day, and you’re just going to exhaust yourself if you keep trying to overhaul every aspect of your daily routine in one go. Because of an ideal like this, a lot of people give up on their betterment plans before they even have a chance to work, so go with baby steps for now.

And baby steps can mean a lot of different things for different people. For example, whether it’s cutting soda out of your diet completely, or drinking one less can of it per day, you’re slowly going to get there with your plan to have a healthier diet. At the end of the week, save an ice cold can at the back of the fridge to reward yourself for the habit you’re getting into! Don’t worry about how silly it feels, a reward system can go for making sure you’re keeping to something, and it’s enabling you to finally accomplish what you need to do for yourself!


Use Social Media

It’s not something a lot of people will tell you to do, seeing as social media is often used to make us feel terribly about ourselves and what we achieve. And yet, if you’re spending a lot of time online, why not put your scrolling hours to good use? After all, there’s a lot of healing messages out there as well as support groups with no entry fee and normal people just like you ready to hand out advice and a shoulder to cry on whenever you need it.

Finding something like a remote healing group on facebook is going to go a long way to making your daily news feed a little healthier, and to helping you feel a lot better when your sister posts about another meeting she absolutely slayed at work that morning. You can learn some useful techniques for coping with any of your overwhelming feelings away from the stuffiness of a medical center, and even get in touch with some medical professionals off the clock.


Workout at Home

It’s true, a lot of people like to cite working out as something amazing that completely turned their life around, but that’s because there’s always a grain of truth to these claims. Your body likes to be exercised after all, and your brain releases a lot of happy hormones in response to any kind of physical activity over an extended period. Clearing out your mind for a good half hour to 60 minutes each day is going to both make you look and feel better, but only if you keep at it!

Going to the gym five times a week can be a lot for some people, and for others it’s a nerve racking experience we don’t want to have to face. But that doesn’t stop you from throwing your weight around inside of your own home, away from prying eyes and the sense of shame you might feel from seeing other people life more than you or run faster than you on the treadmill.

So start at home with this habit as well, and get yourself into a good routine. You’re only going to thank yourself for it later, even if all your muscles are aching right now. You’ll get stronger and stronger, and you’ll be able to feel the stress of a hard day melting away, meaning you’re going to be much level headed to face tomorrow in return.


Tell Someone Else About Your Plans

If you’ve got a loved one or a particularly close friend you trust, tell them about your plan to start doing more for yourself. They should support you from day one, and always be on hand to cheer you on when you most need it. Not to mention, they can now hold you accountable for anything you skip out on or miss in your journey to do better for yourself!

If you have a deadline to reach, there’s a lot you can keep yourself to, and seeing as you know you’re a giant pushover, telling someone else is going to be the best solution here. Maybe they can cancel a night out you were meant to go on with them if you miss a target? If you have something to actually aim for with real life consequences, you’re going to work a lot harder in order to make sure you’re never missing out on the life experiences you’ve always wanted to have.

Doing what you need to do can be hard, seeing as there’s so many other walks of life we have to go down, but it’s not impossible. Put the effort in, and be consistent in them; it’s the only way ahead when magic wands don’t actually exist in the world to solve your problems!

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