How Your Home Might Be Harming Your Health

How Your Home Might Be Harming Your Health

It’s crazy to think that our own home could be harming our health, but more often than not many ailments that people suffer with are caused by factors in their own home. Many people also go through life not knowing what the cause of their ailments are, and instead of dealing with the problem, they simply learn to live with their ailments. This shouldn’t be something that anyone has to deal with, so here are some examples of how your home could be harming your health and how you can change things for the better.

While having plants around your home is lovely, you could be inadvertently giving yourself symptoms like:

  • Unexplainable skin rashes

  • Difficulty breathing or wheezing

  • A blocked, stuffy, or even a runny nose

  • Troubles with your eyes, especially in the morning

You could be allergic to something in one of the plants in your home, or even simply have reactions to pollen. While the above symptoms aren’t the worst that you could be having, it might be worth cutting them out of your home so that you can feel your best.

You could also be putting yourself in danger with your health through the cleaning regime that you have in place. Chemicals that we use to keep our homes clean can affect our breathing, irritate our skin, and have even been known to cause lung cancer because of the fumes. Rather than putting your health at risk, why not switch to natural cleaning products using items from your cupboard like lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda. They will bring things up as clean as you want them and won’t damage your health. Plus, you will be offsetting your carbon footprint too.

If you live in an older building then there is a chance that your roof could have asbestos in. When asbestos begins to deteriorate, the particles that are released from the material can get into your lungs and shred them, inviting infections and sometimes diseases to your lungs which will make you sick. It’s always worth checking to see if there is asbestos in your home, and if you find that there is, there are companies who can professionally remove asbestos from your home so that your health is no longer at risk.

Finally, while we aren’t suggesting that pets should be removed from the home, but you should look into whether one of your pets might be causing some of your symptoms. If this is the case, you will need to speak to a GP about some medication that you could take to prevent these symptoms, and make sure that your home is as free of loose pet hair as possible so that you’re not suffering. Vacuuming and polishing daily should make the symptoms easier.

Check your home today to see if it could be harming your health, and make the change!

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