5 Travel Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

5 Travel Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Even if you’ve traveled hundreds of times, you can still make mistakes that ruin your vacation. You can spend days planning the perfect trip and still overlook the little things that make or break a vacation. If you don’t avoid those mistakes you can end up having a pretty miserable time. These are some of the biggest travel mistakes that people make and how you can avoid them.



Most people make this mistake when they go away. You usually start out by packing the right amount of stuff, then overthinking and coming up with all sorts of scenarios where you might need extra clothes. By the end of it, you’ve packed double what you need and you’ve got to carry all that stuff on your trip. Extra cases also cost you more money so you’re just making things more difficult and more expensive for yourself.


Not Getting Insurance

Proper travel insurance is vital for any trip. If you have to cancel the trip for any reason and you don’t have insurance, you’ll lose all of that money. You also need to consider health insurance. If you get sick or injured while you’re out there, you need insurance to cover the medical costs and possibly air evac services to get you home if you’re going to be in hospital for a while. All of that is going to cost you a huge amount of money if you don’t have insurance to cover it.


Not Taking Cash

It’s always a good idea to use prepaid travel cards when you’re away, it’s safer than carrying large amounts of cash and you don’t have to pay any ATM fees. Having said that, you need to bring a little bit of cash with you for emergencies. If you need to pay for something when you get there and there aren’t any cash machines around, you’ll be stuck. Then your only option is to get currency at the airport where the exchange rates are terrible.



A lot of countries require visas to get in and they don’t make any exceptions. If you get there without a visa, they’ll turn you away and you’ll have no choice but to go home. Instead of a great vacation, you’ll end up with a very expensive trip to the inside of an airport before heading straight home. You won’t have a case for reclaiming the money either, even if you’ve got insurance because it’s your fault that you were turned away. Always check the entry requirements for a country before you book anything.


Planning Too Much

Obviously, you want to plan some great activities when you’re away but part of the beauty of travel is discovering new things. If every second of the trip is mapped out before you get there, you don’t have the opportunity to explore and find things for yourself. Plan one activity for each day and leave the rest of the day open.

Avoiding these mistakes makes any trip go a lot smoother.

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