The Pre-Christmas Detox

The Pre-Christmas Detox

Whether you are the kind of person that starts planning for the holidays as soon as summer starts to wane, the evenings start getting darker, and the temperature begins to drop, or the kind that hates seeing Christmas cards and decorations in the stores in September and doesn’t even think about shopping until December, there’s no denying that it’s getting closer for all of us. Now that the holidays are less than two months away, most of us have started to give it a little more thought.

Something that nearly all of us have in common over the holiday period is overindulgence. We enjoy chocolates and festive treats. We eat more than usual. We sleep less because we are busier and because our evenings are taken up with Christmas parties and meals. We drink much more than usual, and we often take at least a short break from our fitness regimes. Even the most dedicated health freaks among us, cut ourselves a little slack over the festive period and it’s no surprise when we see an extra few pounds on the scales in January.

But, all of this overindulgence doesn’t just affect your weight. It can also lead to greasy skin, a dip in confidence, digestion issues, trouble sleeping, poor mood and a weakened immune system. From this side, it can seem worth it, but in January when you are trying to lose weight and get back to normal, you might have second thoughts. A great alternative can be detoxing now. So that you go into the holidays feeling your best. Here are some great ways to do it.

Make a Plan

When it comes to any kind of detox, at any time of the year, it’s important to assess where you are right now, what changes you can make and set yourself some goals. Instead of going cold-turkey with your bad habits, you might want to try ambulatory detoxification, and you’ve got time to increase your fitness levels slowly, instead of trying to do too much too fast.

Set a Realistic Goal

Yes, Christmas is still a while away. But, it’s important to recognize that Christmas isn’t just a day. Holiday events and treats kick in well before Thanksgiving, and you won’t want to miss out. Set yourself realistic goals as to what you can achieve so that you aren’t disappointed.

Cut Sugar

Eating less sugar is a great way to lose weight, to sleep better, to feel better, to balance your mood and to improve your skin tone. Cut fizzy drinks and sugary snacks from your diet, and you’ll start feeling the effects almost immediately.

Avoid Alcohol

Unless you are teetotal or very careful with your alcohol intake, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ll drink more in December than you do any other month of the year. Combat this now by drinking less alcohol and more water.

Get More Sleep

Food and drink aren’t the only things that have an adverse effect on our bodies over the holidays. A lack of sleep can also be a problem. You are busier than ever. You are at higher risk of coughs and colds and what you need more than anything else is sleep. Start getting into a routine now to help yourself later.

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