Shedding The Pounds Before Party Season

Shedding The Pounds Before Party Season

We are slowly approaching the end of the year, and now that your summer body is likely gone for good; it is time to think about your party season body for the office party and your Christmas celebrations. Winter is always a good time to celebrate for lots of things and you will want to look good and feel confident on these events. Here’s some quick tips to help you stay in shape and even shed some pound before Christmas.

Quick fixes

The first methods you can think of trying are the quick fixes. There’s liposuction, fat freezing with CoolSculpting and even a detox diet where you only eat a certain number of calories for a week or so. There are lots of easy ways to drop some pounds before a party and although these aren’t long term solutions, they will at least give you a good head start to work with.

Get moving

If you want to lose weight at all you need to get your body moving around. We all need to exercise every day even if it is just from walking and by taking the time to exercise a little bit each day you will soon shed the pounds and feel so much fitter than you did before. Make sure that you take 30 minutes or more each day to do some form of physical activity whether it be waking, running or a workout of some kind.

Eat smaller portions

Portion control is actually one of the hardest things when you are eating every day because we never think about weighing our food before we eat it. However by either weighing out your food or biting smaller plates you can train your body to function on a little less and this can help you shed a little bit of puppy fat. Make sure you control the portions you eat because it can be hard otherwise to maintain your weight.

Bulk up on vegetables

If you are really, REALLY hungry and you want to stock up on lots of food, make sure that you stock up with the vegetables rather than your meat or source of carbs. If you are having a pasta dish with salad for example, feel free to pile your plate full of leaves and vegetables but keep the pasta portion the same. This will help to train your body and it will still satisfy your stomach without putting on the pounds.

Keep hydrated

Water is so important for the body and it is something which helps to make our body function as well as flushing out toxins from our body at the end of a hard day. Make sure you always drink enough water, and when you start to feel a little bit hungry, drink some water first and wait for 15 minutes. A lot of the time when we think we are hungry we actually need water, so this can be a huge help and can keep us from overeating every time our tummy rumbles.

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