How to Keep Online Dating Interesting

How to Keep Online Dating Interesting

Online dating had become a trend to a lot of people all over the world. It has a lot more benefits to offer than offline dating. There are a lot of online dating sites where you can chat online free with singles. However, like offline dating, online dating is hard to keep up. In fact, it is harder online because, most of the time, people just chat with one another.

Most of the time, people on online dating do not see each other. They do not hear each other. With only typed messages as a medium of communication and only pictures to look at, online dating will seem monotonous and boring. Luckily, there is a way to keep the date interesting and here are some tips.

Call A Friend…

Setting up your profile and picking matches can be boring and laborious if it is only you who is going to do it. To make things more fun, ask a friend to help you out. This friend must be someone who knew you very well and can be trusted. You can let him or her set up your profile and help you in what to write. He or she can help you in deciding what pictures to use in your profile. He or she can also give his or her opinions when your picking matches. And lastly, it is just thrilling to bond with your friend through online dating.

Off-The-Wall Questions Are In.

In online dating, it seems easy to just be ordinary and ask usual questions to your dates. However, being ordinary is honestly boring. Being extraordinary can take your dating experience to a whole new level. Instead of asking the usual questions that have something to do with knowing some basic information about the person, why not ask something trivial and off-the-wall. Examples of questions like these are “How many “Made in China” products do you have?”, “How long do you think it will take for a lit candle to boil a cup of coffee?” or “How many pages will you used up if you write the story of your life?”

Tickle The Funny Bone…

Any online date can be fun and interesting if both people are enjoying each other's company. And what better way to make dating enjoyable by cracking a few jokes. Both men and women like to talk to someone who is funny. After all, laughter eases out any awkward situations. Just make sure the joke is easy to understand and not offending.

Let Me Just Take A Selfie.

A picture can say a thousand words. That is definitely the case in online dating. People will judge you by not only your profile picture but also your other photos. So give them a glimpse of you with your pictures. You can take selfies while doing the things you love to do. You can also upload photos of you in different places so people can have ideas on what to ask you as a topic. Based on photos, people can see how interesting you are.

Talking Unrealistic Is A No!

When talking to your date online, be as real as you can be. Be real not only about yourself but also what you really think of your dates. Don't say they are beautiful or handsome if they are honestly not. They know who they are and what they are not. Saying unrealistic things can make your dates shy away from you thinking you are insincere or desperate at flirting.

Online Dating To Offline…

Let's just be real. Chatting online is definitely not enough. Take your only relationship to a whole new level by meeting each other personally. When you decided to meet each other for real, make sure you will be committed to your meeting. Do not cancel on the guy or girl if it is not really important or not an emergency. And when meeting him or her, be sure that you really want to meet him or her and you are not scared or having doubts.

Update Your Profile For God’s Sake!

You may have been in the online dating field for years now but is your profile updated. An updated profile is important if you want to get more attention. Whether you changed your hair color or your profession, if you had included it in your profile, be sure to change it. If you had found a new hobby or you had discovered that you are good at something, please include it. A not updated profile can cause confusion especially if you are no longer associated with it.

Online dating is not only helping shy people date but also widens the scope of dating. It also makes interracial dating possible. Aside from the tips mentioned above, one final tip, do not forget to flirt. Dating online or offline has the same purpose, finding a potential someone. You cannot find that someone if you are too formal or serious. Above all, enjoy your online dating experience.

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