Surprising Causes of Headaches in Women

Surprising Causes of Headaches in Women

Headaches might not seem like the biggest health problem that women face when there's breast cancer, endometriosis and a whole host of other issues that are much more devastating to worry about. However, for those people who suffer from them regularly, they can be pretty debilitating and they can make life just that bit more difficult than it needs to be.

If you’re suffering from regular headaches and you’re struggling to find relief, see if any of these surprising causes of headaches could be causing the problem:



The perfume you wear could actually be causing you to have a headache or a migraine. Why? Because strong smells can sometimes activate nerve cells located in the nose and this can cause what feels like a pain in the head. So, try going perfume-free for a while and see how well you do.



If you have an overbite, then you might be surprised to learn that it could be causing you a headache because they can put more strain on your joints, and they can also lead to a bigger buildup of plaque, which can cause poor mouth health, which can have all kinds of other health implications including headaches. You may then want to consider seeing a dentist who specializes in braces and overbite correction, such as Armstrong & Eshleman. Sure, you’ll lose your cute overbite, but it could save your sanity if it keeps the headaches at bay.


The Weather

Some humans are kind of like barometers; when the humidity changes, the temperature rises or the barometric pressure adjusts itself, they notice the changes physically in the form of headaches and migraines. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about this, other than watching the weather and taking precautions such as making cold compresses and taking headache medication when you know the weather is likely to affect your head.


Being Hungry

You know how you’re supposed to eat six small meals every day according to some nutritionists? That isn’t just because it helps you to stay full and avoid overeating or putting on weight, it is also because, when you’re hungry, you can end up feeling light-headed or even getting a headache. So, stop skipping meals, eat little and often and see if that head pain lets up.



Some women are more likely to claim that they have a headache before having sex, but for some women, the headache comes during or immediately after. Coital headaches are a real thing, and they can happen at any point during sex. Mercifully, they usually don’t last any longer than an hour, but they really can kill the mood. If you’ve noticed that you get headaches after enjoying some time between the sheets, take some ibuprofen before you head off to bed, and that should hopefully keep it at bay.

I bet you didn’t think some of those things could give you headaches, did you? But now you know what could be causing that dull ache or sharp pain that makes it difficult for you to concentrate, you can hopefully do something about it and be your healthiest, brightest best once more.

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