The Generation That Saved The World

The Generation That Saved The World

The problem with climate change is its magnitude. It’s so big and vast and critical that we can’t comprehend it ever collapsing. It’s sort of like trying to imagine the sun just imploding. It’s too terrifying to understand, yet we all know we need to understand it.

The problem with climate change is the belief that we - mere specks on the earth - can’t have difference, that our own little efforts when it comes curbing our own carbon footprints and by managing our consumption and by wasting less, is a waste of time because it won’t matter diddly-squat if the world doesn’t join us.

But, if we all think like that and we all come together to change our habits and the little bits of the world around us, then just imagine how successful our efforts will become. It is hard to think that big and it is easy to think we are insignificant, but by changing that thought process we can be forever known as the generation that saved the world, and that is something to be proud of.

Sure, you may not be able to produce a feature-length documentary about climate change and the odds may be stacked against you when you dream about the Oval Office, but that doesn’t matter. There are so many ways we can help the environment.

Just remember, the only thing in the world that matters is the world. Period. It houses everything else. Politics, economics, friendships, hopes, ambitions, jobs, everything, which is why it needs to become a priority of yours, of ours, of everyone's.

1. The Car Is A Relic

Over the last few years, the world has steered away from needless driving and volunteered to adopt an alternative means of transport instead. Walking, cycling, public transport, carpooling and, for some, even choosing to adopt a kayak to work scheme. Why? Meh, there is a bunch of reasons that could answer that question. To get fit. To save money. To make them look good on Instagram. To reduce the deadly amount of greenhouse gases they emit on a day-to-day basis. Of course, not everyone gets to enjoy the luxury of choice, meaning a car is all the only arrow left in their quiver. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play your role. You so can. You simply have to hand in your black-smoking-producing-clunker-of-a-vehicle and upgrade to one of the much more eco-friendly cars of today. Whatever you decide, just know that you will be making the world smile that little bit more.

2. No Waste Like Food Waste

This has become one of the biggest topics inside the big conversation, and more and more people have become aware of just how much food is wasted - forty. As in, 40% of all food that is grown, made or manufactured is wasted. To hear that we as a society waste forty percent of our food is disgusting, especially given the global food waste would be more than enough to feed a billion hungry people. Luckily, there is a lot we can be doing to reduce this figure. Things like heading to the supermarket with a plan of what you need for the coming week, taking the time to learn about farmed salmon and why you should only buy fish from these sources, keeping a record of what food tends to end up in the trash, getting into the habit of donating to food kitchens, and learning how to make delicious meals out of leftovers. All of these will help you make an impact on the world, especially if you teach others what you are doing and why.

3. Pack It In, Okay.

Yeah, we’re alluding the absolutely massive problem of packaging. Don’t know what we are talking about? Well, it’s to do with the fact 66% of all packaging waste is from foods. It’s all those individual cheeses wrapped in plastic and all those little packs of this and that you end up buying. The good news is, big companies are becoming more and more aware of this problem and doing their part to reduce it by a) using fewer plastics and b) making edible plastics. But you can still do your part. Carry your own cups instead of using disposables, buying in bulk, picking products that use less plastic and all that sort of important stuff.

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