How to Look Good and Make a Statement with your Clothing

How to Look Good and Make a Statement with your Clothing

What we say only goes a short way when it comes to communicating what we want the world to know about us. The rest is tied up in our actions, our facial expressions, our energy, and, of course, out clothes. Indeed, it’s that last one that usually does the most talking for us: if people only see us for a split second, it’ll be out clothes that they look at to quickly form an opinion. So if you want to make a statement to society, what you’re wearing is a good starting point. Below, we take a look at how you can look your best and get your message across.

Reuse Old Clothes

There’s something to be said for always having the latest fashion items, but let’s discount those old pieces that are lying in our wardrobe. If we incorporate them into our outfits, then there’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons - especially if they’re combined with newer items of clothing. It doesn’t even have to be your old clothes, necessarily, either: you can also wear vintage clothing, especially those connected to a particular political or cultural movement you feel attached to.

Learn how to wear Colours

Most people play it pretty safe when it comes to the colour of their clothes. Yet while it’s hard to ignore that an all-black outfit makes a statement, most of the blander colours do little other than blend into the background. So pick an outfit that brings a splash of life to proceedings. If you know what to wear with a pink sweater, then you’ll be able to strut your stuff and be a ray of sunshine even on those dark, overcast days. Nothing shakes up normality like throwing colour in a place where it’s normally absent.

Getting Political

If you’re of a political bent, then you can be a walking billboard for your beliefs - just by wearing clothing with a slogan or message that you think everybody should hear! Fashion has the potential to be as powerful as art, so push the boat out and dress in a way that reflects your inner rebellious spirit. There are plenty of great political t-shirts and other clothing to be found, or you can take a leaf out of the catwalk model clothing and really go big!

Strong Accessories Game

You’re somewhat limited by the needs of practicality when it comes to your clothing. There is no such limitation when it comes to your accessories. And that’s why they’re such a great tool for making a statement! Select your favourite jewellery, scarves, necklaces, and other accessories, and you’ll get noticed wherever you go.

A Bold Attitude

Finally, remember the number one rule for wearing your clothing loud and proud: having a bold attitude! Whatever clothes you choose, it’s important that they fit you well and you feel comfortable in them. If you do, you’ll be able to display the kind of personality that will have people turning their heads. Remember, it’s the whole package that counts, not just the clothing!

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