Celebrate Good Times, C'Mon! Traditional Festivals From Around The World

Celebrate Good Times, C'Mon! Traditional Festivals From Around The World

We all love a good party, right? There is nothing better than gathering together with friends and celebrating something special, such as a birthday or engagement. But even if you don’t have any special occasions coming up in your social calendar, there are still plenty of things that you can celebrate! In fact, lots of countries and societies have their own religious and cultural festivals that are always celebrated around the world. Why not see what’s coming up in the next coming months? Here are some of the world’s biggest festivals and how you can join in!



One of the biggest festivals in the world is probably Germany’s Oktoberfest. Even though the name suggests that this huge party takes place in October, it actually starts in September. If you want to experience everything that this fantastic festival has to offer, then head to Munich, which is where the main event takes place. It’s easy to hold your own Oktoberfest festivities at home, though. You just need to get your hands on either a dirndl dress or a pair of lederhosen so that you will look the part! Cook some sausages and get lots of beers in for you and your friends - if there is one thing that everyone does during Oktoberfest, it’s eating and drinking a lot!


Rio Carnival

If you love bright colors, colorful costumes, and lots of dancing, then you need to hotfoot it to Rio de Janeiro as the city’s annual carnival is about to kick off in just a couple of weeks! Can’t afford the plane tickets? No problem, there are still plenty of ways you can celebrate the occasion at home! Firstly, invite all of your friends around to yours for a little get-together. Ask everyone to come dressed in sparkly and glitzy costumes. You should also think about doing a South American inspired buffet, so include lots of Brazilian favorites such as hearty bean stews and barbecued meats. Don’t forget to get plenty of samba tunes playing as well - they are guaranteed to get the party started!

Holi Festival

Another festival that is fast approaching is the Holi festival, which is celebrated by Hindus between the end of February and beginning of March. It is known throughout the world as the Festival of Colors. That’s because one of the main events during the festivities sees everyone through colored powders at each other. This is a huge communal celebration of fertility and love. This idea as inspired many of the color runs that are now popular throughout the country. If you want to organize your own color run or Holi celebration, you can buy your color powder online. Check to see if there are any large communal events being held to celebrate this festival in your local area.


St. Patrick’s Day

It’s not just the Germans who love to celebrate and party with plenty of drink - the Irish are also very good at is as well! In fact, Saint Patrick’s day is always celebrated with plenty of Guinness. This day is so big in Ireland because it celebrates who brought Christianity to Ireland and banished all the snakes off the island. There are huge parades throughout Dublin and all of Ireland’s big cities. There are also now many parades in most European capitals and American cities! However, if you can’t make one of these large events, you can always have a quiet celebration at home with a pint of Guinness and a couple of malt whiskies!


Day Of The Dead

The Day of the Dead is a big deal in Mexico, and many people spend the period between Halloween and the 2nd November praying for their friends and family who have passed on. However, even if people remember the dead, this isn’t a holiday for grieving. In actual fact, it always turns into a huge celebration! People paint their faces, wear bright costumes, and hold big parties! Mexicans eat lots of special foods during the Day of the Dead festival, including cookies made in the shape of skulls. Don’t forget to mix up a few margaritas as well! There are certainly lots of sweet treats to enjoy on Day of the Dead, but don’t forget to try some spicy tortilla soup first to get your taste buds going!


Hopefully, this blog post has given you plenty of cool and exciting ideas for some parties and celebrations. Why stick to the ones from your own culture, when there are so many other fun ones you can join in with as well!


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