Quick Tips: Preparing For A North American Holiday

Quick Tips: Preparing For A North American Holiday

Packing and preparing for a holiday in North America is just like any other trip, with a few extra considerations. It’s one of the biggest, most famous continents in the world, and is incredibly diverse as a result. This means you have many choices in terms of destination, and many different factors to take into account. 

So, without further ado, here’s your North American prep guide! Don’t leave the country without it.


Pack that sun protection!

I’m not kidding, either. Pack lots of it! Sun screen and baseball caps, long sleeved shirts and full length pants. Okay, maybe that’s a bit overboard, but allow me to explain.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States was a whopping 143 degrees fahrenheit in 1913. It’s unlikely that it’ll ever hit those heights again, but even half that would be sweltering. So stay cool, and stick to that shade. You’re gonna need it.


What’s your passion?

North America is an incredibly diverse continent, with a wide variety of cities that can offer something for everyone. So, before you set off, it’s important to consider exactly what you want from your holiday. The chances are, there will be a city that matches it.

For example, the city of Auburn in Alabama is known for its football, making it a good choice for sports fans. The city of Boston in Massachusetts, on the other hand, is famous for it’s historical relevance and the JFK Presidential Museum. 

So, take a look at the wide variety of cities you have to choose from, and make a choice based on what you love to do. Fort Lauderdale is on the coastline and is great for watersports and sunbathing. Conversely, food fans may prefer San Francisco. Only you know what you like, so make sure you factor that in! Don’t just choose the most popular or famous location. There are plenty of hidden gems to find.


If going to a major attraction, don’t stay on-site

North America is home to dozens and dozens of world famous attractions. These range from Disneyland to the Magic Kingdom, and The Grand Canyon. The closer to these you stay, the pricier your accommodation will be.

Let’s say you’re taking your family on a mega trip to Disneyland. If you stay in the park itself, you may find the costs to be quite extortionate. On the other hand, if you stay outside the park in the city, accommodation will be cheaper. This way, you save money and only end up a short bus ride or walk away. If that really means a lot to you, then by all means stay in the park - just weigh up the costs!


Carry plenty of loose change for tipping

North America is home to a heavy tipping culture, so make sure you’re carrying plenty of loose change and notes! So, stock up on one dollar bills and five dollar bills so you’re always prepared. You may be expected to tip everyone from cab drivers to bellhops to waitresses, so bear this in mind. Some people may take this the wrong way, but it’s still common.

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