How to Prepare for Uni Life

How to Prepare for Uni Life

If you’re heading to university, then you must be prepared. It’s going to be a huge change in your life. You’ll do a ton of new things and meet some amazing people. But that doesn’t mean you should show up unprepared! This guide will give you some great tips on preparing for uni life, so you can have the best time possible. Enjoy!



Write a List of What to Take

Start by writing a list of what you want to take to uni with you. You probably need much less than you think you need. Many halls will come with communal appliances, so you won’t need to take those. You definitely don’t need to take the entire contents of your bedroom either. Make sure you keep it simple and only take things you will definitely need. If you can speak with the people you’re sharing with beforehand, you can all work out an arrangement where you share some things too. When you know exactly what you’re taking, Uni Baggage and similar services can help you take them over.


Set Up a Special Bank Account


Having a student bank account is a must. You can get a large overdraft with one of these, and it’s a safe place to keep your money. You can’t be too careful as a student, so make sure you chat with the bank to set up the most logical bank account for you.


Learn How to Manage Your Money


You must learn how to manage your money before you head to uni. It could be a good idea to download an app to help you manage your money and see where it’s all going. You can’t spend every penny you have on going out and clothes with your student discount. You need enough for food, as well as your bills and other essentials. Be smart and manage your money properly!


Make Sure You Have the Gadgets and Essentials


Make sure you have all of the gadgets and essentials you need for your uni life. You might need an iPad or laptop, which you can buy second hand if you’re on a budget. Essentials include folders, books, pens, and other things that can help you to make effective notes.


Get a Job to Fit Around Your Studies


More often than not, you’ll have spare time outside of your studies. This is the perfect opportunity to get a job that fits around them and make some extra cash to fund your exciting student life! You may also need money to travel between home and uni if you plan on visiting a lot.


Learn How to Cook


You won’t need to cook michelin star meals, but you will need to know how to look after yourself if you don’t already. You might even have the opportunity to cook for your new student friends at some point!

There are many other ways you can decide to prepare for uni life too. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Start planning ASAP to have the best time! Any tips of your own that have helped you? Leave them below. See you again soon!

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