5 Women-Led Bands You Definitely Need to Listen To

5 Women-Led Bands You Definitely Need to Listen To

We are a little over halfway through 2019, or as I like to call it, Twenty-Nine-Scene: the year of the emo revival. Whether you proudly continue to listen to My Chemical Romance six years after they broke up and can’t hear the G-note played on a piano without having a full-blown meltdown, or if you have no idea what band I’m talking about and are about to click away because this style of music may not be your taste, I urge you to wait just one more second! We’re about to dive deep into some badass bands led by female powerhouses that might just convince you to give the alternative music scene a chance.

Now, it’s no surprise that the music industry is mostly a boys’ club and this is (unfortunately) especially the case with rock music. However, things have begun to change as more and more women get involved in all aspects of the music world, which is totally amazing and also why I’m hyped to present this list of bands that have been taking the alternative scene by storm.

Eat Your Heart Out (Rock; Newcastle, Australia)

I discovered this band with the help of Spotify, and I am so glad that I found them! Founded in 2012 in Newcastle, Australia,  Eat Your Heart Out (EYHO) is classified as a rock band but has tons of pop influence in their style of writing. Their sound can be described as a mix of grunge realism, punk styling, and pop ambition that really makes them a strong act. Frontwoman Caitlin Henry writes heartfelt and incredibly raw lyrics that ooze with intensity and delivers them beautifully. If you’re a fan of Paramore, I highly recommend this band as they’re definitely inspired by Paramore’s music as well. 

Songs I Recommend:

  • “Drag Me Down”

  • “Shape of You” (Cover)

PVRIS (Electro-pop/Alt. Rock; Massachusetts)

Pronounced like “Paris”, which this band was originally named when they began in 2013 before ultimately changing it to avoid legal trouble with another band already named Paris––their name isn’t the only statement they make! This group is led by Lynn Gunn who is incredible. Not only is she a wicked talented vocalist, she’s also very vocal about LGBTQ+ rights. Lynn Gunn was the first queer-woman artist from the alternative scene that I listened to and seeing that kind of representation in music that I really love was a great feeling. Her band was also the first female-led band to be signed by the prominent rock label Rise Records. Their music can best be described as rock with mesmerising electronic elements that give them an almost hypnotic quality. I’ve been a big fan of theirs since their first album White Noise, and if you’re a fan of the band Chvrches, I really think you’ll like PVRIS too.

Songs I Recommend:

  • “St. Patrick”

  • “Chandelier” (Cover)

Misterwives (Indie-pop; NYC)

You may have heard this name before, especially since they popped up a lot on the radio after their tour with Panic! At the Disco in 2017. This band was founded in 2012 when the lead singer, Mandy Lee, wanted to form an 80’s cover band. Their early music definitely reflects this synth-like feel, but they’ve developed their sound to a much stronger indie vibe with a bit of pop sprinkled in. Mandy’s voice is airy and light, with a lovely and unique voice that juxtaposes well with her heavy, sentimental lyrics. Their songs can be incredibly moving and real but also something you can dance to.

Songs I Recommend:

  • “Revolution”

  • “whywhywhy”

Save Ferris (Ska/Punk-ish; Southern California)

Save Ferris is an iconic staple to the alternative music scene; they’ve been around since 1995 and are still killing it to this day. I’m a bit ashamed to say I barely found out about them this year when I attended the last-ever Vans Warped Tour, but I guess it’s better late than never! Their name is a reference to the cult-classic movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which should give you an idea of what vibe this band has. They’re all about having fun with excitable lyrics and an irresistible beat that ska is known to have that makes it impossible not to jump around and dance. If you’re new to ska, or have always been wary of it, Save Ferris is the perfect band to start off with. They’re funky, fun, and full of energy and I’m confident that they’ll make you google “How to play the trombone” when you’re done listening. Did I mention that they also do a killer cover of “Come On Eileen”? 

Songs I Recommend:

  • “Come On Eileen” (Cover)

  • “Anything”

The Aquadolls (Surf Rock/Indie; Southern California)

We’ve gotta end with a bang so I’ve saved my favorite band for last. The Aquadolls are a girl group full of attitude and “take no shit” energy, and their music has a captivating 90’s cool girl vibe to it that I’m a total sucker for. Originating from La Mirada, California, they’ve channeled the laid-back spirit that SoCal is known for with their approach to surf rock that gives them a dreamy feel while their lyrics are very in-your-face but still fun.They’re comprised of Melissa Brooks (singer), Jackie Proctor (drums), Keilah Nina (keys/bass), and Kate Rose (lead guitar). These badass women have been performing since 2012 and Brooks recently started her own record label in 2018 called Aqua Babe Records. I highly, highly recommend this band to everyone; trust me, they won’t disappoint.

 Songs I Recommend:

  • their entire discography 

  • seriously, go listen to them they’re on Spotify

  • especially their song “Troubled Valentine”

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