3 Ways To Get Your Cultural Fix In New York

3 Ways To Get Your Cultural Fix In New York

New York: It's the city that never sleeps, and neither will you. With so much to do in the city, from shopping to sightseeing, your stay will be action-packed from beginning to end. 

But if you're more interested in the city's cultural side, away from New Yorks's famous shopping districts, and it's famous touristy spots, then we have some suggestions for you. With some amazing museums and galleries, alongside some wonderful theatrical experiences, there is much to do for those of you looking to take a walk on the cultural side of the city.

#1: Check out the art in New York

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to art, so let's pick out a couple of highlights.

As we discussed in our article on unexpected art destinations in the US, you might want to visit Dia: Beacon, the largest museum of contemporary art in the country. With over 2,400 square feet of galleries dedicated to major artworks from the 1960s, including paintings from such luminaries at Andy Warhol and Agnes Martin, as well as art installations that might be considered a little questionable for some - Robert Morris's Dirt - there is much for you to gaze at and dwell on.

Another art museum worth visiting is the Whitney Museum of American Art. This is the world's leading museum of 20th-century American art and focusses primarily on today's living artists. With a range of art styles, including cubism, futurism, surrealism, and pop art, there is something here for all tastes. We particularly recommend the Whitney Biennial; featuring work by some lesser-known artists, and with some focus on subjects that are still relevant today, including gender inequality and race relations. There will be much for you to debate over.

Check the following link for more of New York's art scene. You will not be disappointed.

#2: Visit New York's museums

Away from New York's art museums, there is more on offer for anybody looking for an educational experience.

We particularly recommend the American Museum of Natural History. With some incredible sights from around the world, including fossilised dinosaurs, replicas of rainforests, and an incredible planetarium, if you have any interest whatsoever in history, science, and the environment, then you owe it to yourself to visit. 

We also recommend New York's oldest museum, The New-York Historical Society. Dating back to 1804, you can find artefacts and literature that tell of America's history, from the battles of the American Revolution to more contemporary and personal battles that came out of the dawn of the gay liberation movement.

There is too much to cover here, but check out these NYC museums for further highlights.

#3: Take in a show

New York is famous for its Broadways shows, and there is much on offer for a variety of tastes. Check out the Tony-award winning Dear Evan Hanson, for example, a profoundly moving coming of age tale that has broken box office records. Other popular Broadway shows include the hilarious Book Of Mormon, an adaptation of Beetlejuice, and the more serious-minded Come From Away (based around the events of 9/11). 

You should also visit New York's off-broadway theatres, which are smaller in scale, and play host to some fine independent offerings in amongst bigger-name shows. From Shakespeare's Coriolanus to the Beatles-inspired Only Yesterday, check out the link for some of the shows currently available. 

So, are looking to get your cultural fix in New York? Check out our suggestions, and add them to your itinerary when you are next planning a visit.

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