Must-Try Vegan Restaurants on the East Coast

Must-Try Vegan Restaurants on the East Coast

Veganism is taking the food scene by storm and the east coast offers no shortage of options for people who want to indulge in this sustainable plant-based diet. In a society where animal-based products make up such a large part of the average person’s diet, it can be difficult for vegans to find good food options. Here is a well-researched list of vegan restaurants across the east coast that even omnivores will approve of:

Veganized (New Brunswick, NJ)

Highly underestimated for its food scene, New Brunswick is the home of an incredible hole-in-the-wall vegan restaurant whose menu will have you drooling. With countless delectable options, many customers have said with confidence that everything they have ordered at this place has been phenomenal. Some popular dishes include the RAWvioli, a beet pasta dish with nut cheese and saffron cream, and the Samurai wrap, and whole wheat wrap with miso spread, smoked tofu, sweet potato, and roasted shiitake.

Vedge (Philadelphia, PA)

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Vedge is a classy, homey restaurant whose desserts and drinks are sure to impress just as much as their entrees. Their dark chocolate namelaka with ube ice cream and blue matcha marshmallow is just one of their many creative (and absolutely delicious) menu options. They also have an assortment of wine from everywhere from the Canary Islands to Lebanon. The cozy restaurant also offers private dining to truly make the place feel like home.

By Chloe (Manhattan, NY)

This restaurant is crisp, classy and the definition of satisfying vegan comfort food. With multiple locations throughout Manhattan, the chain has truly picked up over the years and now proudly serves vegan hot dogs, burgers, mac and cheese, and hash browns, along with a vast array of ice creams and sweets. Speaking from experience, their hot chocolate is also incredible. They even have a vegan dog food menu, so don’t let your pup miss out on the fun either!

Land of Kush (Baltimore, MD)

If you’re a sucker for seafood, don’t despair — the vegan world has you covered! Land of Kush features impressive vegan seafood options to compete with Baltimore’s popular crab cake scene. Their crab cakes have received plenty of acclaim recently and their entire menu is much more affordable than most vegan restaurants, so what excuse do you have not to check it out? Take a look at their smoothie and juice options while you’re at it — they are sure to impress!

Revolution Kitchen (Burlington, VT)

True followers of the vegan lifestyle will have heard whispers of the mysterious wheat gluten called seitan, a high-protein food often used to replace meat in Eastern and Southeastern cultures. Seitan is made by washing regular wheat flour dough until only the main protein, gluten, remains. The elastic dough is then cooked to create a food similar to tofu. Revolution Kitchen offers multiple dishes with this delicious meat-substitute allowing customers to try something new and scrumptious. Aside from seitan, Revolution Kitchen also has plenty of meals inspired by global cuisine, like the Laksa Noodle Pot, Diablo Tacos, Pad Thai, and Vietnamese Salad Rolls.

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