Nail Your Summer To Autumn Makeup Transition

Nail Your Summer To Autumn Makeup Transition

Summer is over, and as well as the change in weather, temperature, and fashion… there is also a shift in beauty trends and looks. Throughout the summer you have likely focused on gold, natural tones and low coverage to get that sun-kissed look. Now that we are transitioning to autumn though, it is time to consider changing our makeup routine. 

Today we are going to take a look at how you can flawlessly transition from summer to autumn through makeup

Make the skin look glowing 

The first and most important beauty tip for all year long is to focus on the base. Your skin should look glowing, radiant, and expensive. This will give the skin a sultry look and will set you up for beautiful makeup looks through the autumn. To make the skin look great, be sure to employ a good skincare routine, and take your time on your foundation and concealer application. When applying foundation – dab the product instead of swiping for flawless coverage, and finish with contour and highlighter. 

Use pressed powder

During the summer, many of us go for a dewy look that screams the beach, but once we transition to the latter portion of the year, a matte look can work wonders. After applying foundation and a bright concealer, apply translucent powder all over the skin for a matte effect. You’ll also use matte contour, and finish with a good highlighter to give the face a natural but subtle glow without overpowering the skin. 

Try One-colour lids 

Autumn is a great time to start bringing colour back into your beauty routine again. Before you get carried away with lots of crazy colours and tones, it may be a good idea for you to choose one colour you like and create a simple look. For example, you can visit Dose of Colors to take a look at a range of eyeshadows and choose a colour that matches the season. In autumn, red, plum, gold, and green are amazing choices. Autumn makeup looks are simple and elegant to offset the magical colours in nature, so keep it simple and choose one stunning colour to showcase. 

Berry lips 

We could hardly talk about autumn makeup without mentioning berry lips. Berry lips are a staple for this time of year and offer a wonderful bold transition from the nudes and pinks of summer. You can make any simple makeup look feel autumn-ready with a stunning berry lip and this will change the landscape of your look for the seasons ahead. 

Use blush 

Summer is a time that largely ignores blush and chooses a bronzer for a tanned look, but now we are going to switch lanes and shift back to blush. In the autumn and winter, your skin will no longer be tanned, and instead, a pink and neutral-toned blush can make a positive impact on your look. Ditch the bronzer all together and choose a selection of pink and neutral tones to offset any beauty look with a doll-like smile.

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