Planning an All-Out Excursion of The San Francisco Bay Area

Planning an All-Out Excursion of The San Francisco Bay Area

Ah, the Bay Area. It is the hub of flurry and activity, the center of all things technology, the beholder of Silicon Valley…

It is also one of the most underappreciated epitomes of adventure, culture, and taste.

But worry not! We are here to bring some of this region’s hidden gems to help you plan your ultimate Bay Area experience that will definitely earn your appreciation and affection.


  1. We begin with a trek to Little Yosemite:

This little-known place tucked in Sunol is perfect for an afternoon in the midst of waterfalls and canyons, obscured from the rest of the world. You’ll soon find yourself in peace within minutes!


      2. Tired from that excursion? No problem! Cool down with some Lemonade!

A visit to Lemonade is the perfect stop to grab some lunch and instagram their super colorful lemonades of all kind of flavors! It’s situated in a bustling street of Palo Alto (that also leads down to the beautiful and famous Stanford University) but can also be found in numerous locations in both Northern and Southern California.


     3. Fill your Instagram with the latest desserts from Alexander’s Patisserie:

This artistic, delicious place in Mountain View (as well as Cupertino) is home to chocolates that look out of this world and macarons that come in a plethora of flavors! Ever watch one of those professional gourmet dessert cooking competitions with those desserts that look impossible to make? Yeah, that’s where it looks like these desserts came from.


    4. Reenergize with a hike up Mission Peak:

Trek over this little mountain and look over the horizon on a fresh, early morning. Of course, don’t forget to snap that obligatory selfie once you reach the top where a small wooden pole stands. This trail is situated in the heart of Fremont, and certain to be a challenge, so bring your water bottle!


   5. Feel the breeze at Lands End:

This shoreline will have you feeling the wind through your hair like you’re on top of the world! Take a quick picture for your Instagram feed at the infamous “Hidden Labyrinth” at Eagle’s Point, created by local artist Eduardo Aguilera, where you can also take in the view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


    6. Grab a classic double-flavor swirl cone at Meadowlark Drive-Thru Dairy:

Meadowlark Dairy will serve you a double flavor swirl cone right through your car window in Pleasanton, CA. It might not look like much from the outside, but that little cone will hit just the right spot!


Of course, this is just a starting point. The Bay Area may appear to be just a little corner of the world from the outside, but look closer and it could become one of the greatest trips of your life! Fill your stomach with the most adventurous foods and create an amazing Instagram feed with all the hidden tourist attractions it has to offer!

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