Meet Some Famous Bilingual Celebrities

Meet Some Famous Bilingual Celebrities

by Susan Bhairston

In this day and age, being bilingual certainly opens a lot of opportunities in almost every walk of life. Bilingualism has proven to be highly beneficial for several different reasons, one of which is that one is able to enhance their mental capacity by a substantial margin. In fact, there is a good amount of research on the subject confirming that being bilingual enhances your decision making skills.

To tell the truth, famous personalities have also used their television platforms to shed light on the educational advantages of bilingualism, through which they are able to attract people from other cultures and languages. Some famous personalities that are bilingual include:


Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres came into light as a standup comedian. Ellen has a good reputation in the industry for hosting one of the most informative shows in history of television by asking people from other cultures to appear on her show. Bilingualism to her is to be cultivated while staying true to her roots.


Coca Xie

Chinese reporter, producer and TV host Coca Xie was certainly the talk of town as the bilingual journalist who covered major events, including the Oscars, Academy Awards and Hollywood Film Awards. She is the first and only Chinese host to host the red carpet. Xie is also the founder of China Entertainment, a company dedicated to bridging the gap between China and America through the power of entertainment.


Jennifer Lopez

Although the popular singer and actress is American by birth, Jennifer Lopez’s parents are Puerto Rican. Lopez has been known to be fluent in English and Spanish and she always uses her platforms to promote the plethora of benefits attainable through bilingualism. Lopez has also supported several causes and aims to create a great world for her children who she hopes will grow up to be good individuals.


Ricardo Sanchez

Ricardo Sanchez is best known for being an anchor at MSNBC and CNN. The bilingual radio host and journalist is Cuban-American and although Sanchez has been at the center of many controversies, he has always stayed true to his bilingual roots.  

Long-term research that has been conducted on the subject confirms the fact that being bilingual opens your mind to the capability of perceiving situations in different ways. It's also quite surprising - and awesome - that most talented personalities are bilingual!

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