Poem: "Move Forward"

Poem: "Move Forward"

theres a reason they say that ignorance is bliss.

its because once you are finally aware of the reality of a terrible situation

the world around you


and burns.

you want to rip yourself apart.

you want to disappear.

you want to run back to the ignorant bubble you created for yourself.

but you must realize

to escape from this new found hell,

you must save yourself.


you must reflect.

in order to move forward you must reflect.

you must recognize all the good

as well as the bad.

you must want to move on.

you must want to move forward.

you must want to be better.


you cannot allow yourself to be surrounded by those who

don't want you to succeed

don't want you to keep moving

don't want you to be the best you.

don't want you to bloom.

don't want you to learn from your mistakes.


you must surround yourself with those who

will tell you when you have done wrong

will tell you that they too have done wrong

will forgive

will protect

will water you even when you feel that youre wilting.


do not let the past define you


grow from it.

figure out the roots

and make sure that they heal with you.

let them scar your body.

let them scar your mind.

but do not let them bring you down.

rise up.



but do not run away.


ignorance may be bliss,

but growth is much more satisfying.

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