Press Play on These Awesome Podcasts

Press Play on These Awesome Podcasts

Podcasts are the new radio. Though I’m the biggest proponent of the written word, I’ve come to love audio storytelling almost as much. There is literally a podcast out there for every type of person. And just like I’m bad at keeping up with TV shows in this age of superior television programming, I’m bad at keeping up with podcasts because there’s a new season to love every week! Or day! Spend your commute getting lost in some of my podcast suggestions below:

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Ever need a real kick in the adulting butt? Tune into Happier. Every week, lifestyle writer Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft give advice on how to make your life more happy, and in turn, successful. I’ve taken to heart their episodes urging listeners to maintain a signature scent (I’m always complimented on mine, let me tell you!), become an expert on one thing, or make your life even more complicated in times of stress. Listening to Happier equates to reading self-help advice that’s actually helpful.

Under Cover by Spotify Studios

I listen to my podcasts on Spotify and lucky for me, the streaming giant has begun creating its own series! Under Cover features short episodes of musicians talking about their covers of songs. Recently, Brendon Urie talked about his exclusive cover of “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. It’s enlightening to learn why your favorite musicians choose certain songs to cover and what they do to make their own spins on classic jams.

Dr. Death by Wondery

Wondery was behind the hit podcast of last Fall, Dirty John. Dr. Death is their latest series revolving around a neurosurgeon who botched over 30 surgeries, sometimes killing patients or rendering them physically paralysed. This podcast is a fascinating revelation on how the medical system failed to protect its victims. You’ll be shocked at how this creepy neurosurgeon got away with his violent crimes for so long.

The Hilarious World of Depression by American Public Media

This podcast brings comedians to centerstage to joke about their experiences with mental illness. The Hilarious World of Depression is all about being transparent about how common depression is and how we can cope with it. From YouTube personality Hannah Hart talking about how depression has affected her entire life to in-depth episodes discussing adolescent mentally ill behavior, this podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to empathize with a bit of humor on the side.

The Daily by The New York Times

I used to get most of my news from late night comedy TV… until now. The Daily is a daily podcast from TNYT that tells you the most important news of the day. It’s 20 minutes of straight investigative news focused on a major topic of the day spanning international relations, the American government, entertainment and more. If you need a small daily dose of news to consider yourself well-informed, this is the podcast for you.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

It’s no question that NPR is one of the best podcast services around. There are podcasts for daily news (Up First) which will keep you informed on culture, breaking news, and politics and a podcast that breaks down how companies came to be for any business-savvy listeners (How I Built This). And we can’t disclude the ever popular This American Life which takes stories of humanity to another level. But one of my favorites is Pop Culture Happy Hour where the podcasters dissect the latest movies, TV shows, music and books hitting the zeitgeist. They also cap most of their episodes with short bursts of what pop culture moments are making them happy… at the moment.

Self-Help Less

If you need some LOLs, press play on this pod featuring comedy queens Delanie Fischer, Kelsey Cook, and Taylor Tomlinson who speak at length each episode on whatever self-help topics float their boat. The podcast has been featured on The Tonight Show and Conan. Each lady focuses on their own expertise including beauty and relationship advice. It’s a casual conversation amongst funny ladies with potty-mouths and an entertaining, yet semi-helpful (ha!) listen.

Check out these podcasts and tons more on your favorite listening apps!

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