Makeup Trends Around the World

Makeup Trends Around the World

At the moment in the United States, typical makeup includes a heavy contour, winged eyeliner, liquid lipstick and a cut crease eyeshadow look. While this might be a typical “full glam look” you see in the U.S. other countries makeup trends differ greatly. For those of you interested in exploring a new makeup look or learning about makeup trends in other countries you can find some different makeup trends below:

Japan- In Japan the ideal makeup look is a fresh doll-like face. As opposed to the American way of applying blush to the apples of the cheeks, in Japan blush is applied heavily under the eyes. This method of applying blush makes features appear rounder and younger. Other popular makeup trends in Japan are fake doll-like eyelashes and colored contacts.

Brazil- A popular makeup trend in Brazil is lining the lower lashes. Women in Brazil are known for having thick dark upper eyelashes, so to balance out their lashes they define their lower lash line. This is done by taking an eyeliner or mascara and dotting it in between the lower lashes.

Korea- In Korea makeup focuses on a youthful glow and is more natural than in the United States. Foundation is typically swapped for a more sheer BB or CC cream and is typically applied with a cushion. Blush is also applied with a cushion and is applied naturally for a soft glow. Water is also becoming popular in different forms such as; water face masks, hydrating sprays and setting sprays.

Dubai- In Dubai flat bold eyebrows are very popular. Some examples of the ideal eyebrows in Dubai are those of Cara Delevigne. A messier or  bolder eyebrow look is the norm in Dubai, and threading or waxing is not as popular.

UK- Similar to Dubai makeup in the UK focuses on bold brows. In the UK however, brows are more arched, even though they are bold.

Thailand- In Thailand makeup does not differ from that of the United States too much, but one major difference is that you probably won’t see anyone wearing nude lipsticks. In Thailand bold lipstick is a popular makeup trend. Another popular trend in Thailand is bright lipstick, but never nude lipstick.

Latin America- In Latin America a recent popular makeup trend is lining the lower lash line with a colorful eyeliner. Instead of highlighting under the eyes, ladies in Latin America are adding a pop of color to their lash line. This trend does exist in the United States, but it is not nearly as popular.

India- In India a popular makeup trend has been using a soft or feminine eyeshadow in a pastel color on the eyelids. In order to contrast the eyeshadow, a bold eyeliner in a colors like green or hot pink is done over the eyeshadow.

Sweden- Nude lipstick is popular in the United States, but in Sweden, a more grey toned variation of the nude lipstick has become the norm. Typical lipstick colors in Sweden are mauve or taupe based nudes with a grey undertone.

Russia- Bold eyelashes have become a trend in Russia. When I say bold, I mean bold in Russia mascara or false lashes are layered in order to create an almost three-dimensional effect. In even, the most basic of makeup looks a bold voluminous lash is bound to be part of the look in Russia.

France- One of the most popular makeup trends in France is known as strobing. Strobing is basically the opposite of contouring. Contouring aims to add shadows to make your face look slimmer. Strobing adds highlighters to accentuate certain parts of your face. This differs from the way Americans highlight their face because it goes beyond the upper cheekbones and nose to accentuate more of the face.

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