Must-Watch Movies For a Saturday Night

Must-Watch Movies For a Saturday Night

It’s a Saturday night. The dishes are washed and dried, the house is sparkling clean, and you have nothing left to do and no special plans made. Solution? A stack of movies to match your mood for the night.

When you’re in the mood for a laugh:

Rush Hour

With the exceptional acting of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s hilarious persona, this dynamic duo makes for an amusing hour and a half. This movie is guaranteed to provide you with a healthy dose of laughs, chuckles, and snorts with a side of action as their characters attempt to rescue a diplomat’s kidnapped daughter. Watch as they decide to take matters into their hands, and, consequently, fall into situations that are possibly beyond their abilities.

White Chicks

Possibly one of the funniest movies ever made, White Chicks never fails to make even the most serious of people laugh. In this knee-slapping movie, brothers Kevin and Marcus Copeland (who are portrayed by real-life brothers Marlon and Shawn Wayans) are FBI agents who get into a sticky situation. Their solution? Cross-dress as two young, blonde females to impersonate a pair of socialites. Enough said.

When you’re feeling in the need for thrill and action:

Hunger Games Trilogy

One of the most intense and thrilling movie series to grace the large-screens was The Hunger Games, which brought up-and-coming actress Jennifer Lawrence into a new audience of young teens and adults. Her brilliant acting and strong facial expressions combined with the heart-breaking storyline of the trilogy spark an array of emotions in the audience. As her character Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence fights for her life in an arena with several kids. It promises to capture your attention with its plotline twists, character deaths, and chilling details.

The Martian

A movie made special by Matt Damon’s acting, The Martian pledges a popcorn-worthy time. His character, astronaut Mark Watney, gets left behind in the one place no one ever wants to be--planet Mars. Watney uses his NASA skills to survive where water and life is nowhere to be found. This engaging movie will have you using your own MIT-worthy skills to rescue Matt Damon when everyone realizes he might be running out of time faster than expected.

When you’re feeling pretty emotional:

Hacksaw Ridge

A hidden gem in actor Andrew Garfield’s career, this powerful movie emphasizes his character Desmond’s struggle with maintaining his pacifist faith in a time of war. In one of the most unexpected and unconventional moves, he decides to fight in battle like every other man at the time - only he would be without a gun to protect himself. Met with unavoidable obstacles, Andrew Garfield perfectly portrays the true and incredibly brave story of Private Desmond Doss.

Me Before You

Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin promise to enlighten your TV screen with a wonderfully joyous and emotionally nerve-wracking story. In one of her quirkiest personas, complete with bumblebee-striped stockings, Emilia Clarke, portraying the character “Lou” Clarke, lightens up her audience with her awkwardness around Sam Claflin, who portrays William Traynor, whose life changed after he became paralyzed. Take a ride on a wild roller coaster, as they learn navigate each other, ending with complete sparks and plot twists.

When you want to chill with the rom-com classics:

Pretty Woman

In this two-hour film, Vivian, a prostitute played by Julia Roberts, is picked up by the successful yet intriguing businessman Edward, played by Robert Gere. Their worlds light up with their undeniable chemistry, but are stretched beyond memories due to their different backgrounds. Edward cannot control his attraction to Vivian, changing his lifestyle dramatically, while Vivian struggles to fit in with his side of society. All in all, it makes for a tumultuous story with plenty of laughs and moments for “awwing.”

The Proposal

Sandra Bullock. Ryan Reynolds. Possibly the best pair to ever work together in Hollywood. Add Betty White, and you’ve got yourself a hilarious mix of characters. Ryan Reynolds is known for his comedic acting, but Sandra Bullock brings an extra ingredient to the table to make for a perfect evening for such a movie. Join them as they try to rein in their polar opposite personalities and mutual distaste for each other for the sake of a forced, fake engagement - complete with a visit to the in-laws and everything!

Whether it’s the most serious of movies, or one meant for laughs, bring your night to a close with some unique acting and plot lines that promise to leave you with relaxed shoulders and an empty bowl of popcorn.

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