My Opinion on Gender Pronouns

My Opinion on Gender Pronouns

I read an an article recently from Fox News titled “New California Law Allows Jail Time for Using Wrong Gender Pronouns”. The article was about a new law about gender pronouns.


  • Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation on October 4 that would fine or arrest healthcare providers for using wrong gender pronouns.

  • The purpose of this law is to protect transgender rights in health facilities.

  • The punishment could be up to a $1000 fine, going to jail up to one year, or both.

  • This law led to many controversial opinions. One opponent, California Family Council’s Greg Burt said: “How can you believe in free speech, but think the government can compel people to use certain pronouns when talking to others?”

The article answered the five main questions (Who, what, when, how, result)

  • With/Against whom: With the LGBT people, against healthcare providers who refuse to use gender pronouns.

  • Circumstances: Need to accommodate transgender people’s needs in hospitals (ex. washrooms), currently only laws for physical abuse and rarely results in criminal charges.

  • Why: To protect LGBT people in health facilities.

  • How: Passing a law in the senate to get it approved by the house and the president.

  • Outcome: Illegal to misuse gender pronouns, better treatment towards LGBT people.

I had conflicting thoughts when I read this article. On one hand, I believe that LGBT people deserve to have equal rights and should be treated with respect. However, arresting and fining someone for using the wrong gender pronoun is extreme.

I also thought of a few questions in my head. I thought:  should we be educated on gender pronouns? Is this a need? Why or why not? Why might some healthcare providers disagree with this law? What are some alternative laws that can be passed?

This is a very controversial topic that leads to many questions on both sides—either supporting this law or rejecting the use of gender pronouns.

For more information, you can read the article:

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