4 Middle Eastern Fashion Designers You Need to Know

4 Middle Eastern Fashion Designers You Need to Know

From designing contemporary accessories to celebrating femininity and drawing inspiration from their roots and the cultures surrounding them, these talented and empowering Arab fashion designers are creating must-see brands.


Ayah Tabari

Founder and Designer of All Things Mochi

This ethical brand should definitely be on your radar. It focuses on telling a story, with local artisans handcrafting each item in individual collections  What All Things Mochi  is most famous for is their hand-embroidered pieces, probably due to Ayah Tabari’s Palestinian roots. Every collection is born out of inspiration from the different places and cultures Tabari has visited. All Things Mochi prides itself on supporting local talents and promoting a unique tale with each thread.


Roula Galayini

This Lebanese-born designer is known for her statement bags and clutches. Her brand currently has 4 lines, all of which are inspired by different elements. From architectural style to hybrid pieces, and an entire collection based off modern Arab women, her work has certainly made major headlines: including Vogue UK celebrating her as Top 100 Designers to look out for.


Nadine Kanso

Founder and Designer of Bil Arabi

She’s an award-winning haute jewelry designer and photographer renowned for her unique, Arabic calligraphy-inspired statement pieces. Nadine was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and is currently based out of Dubai. It’s no surprise she is extremely connected to her roots as the message of her brand has remained the same throughout the years: “Celebrate Your Heritage.” Nadine has also won numerous accolades for her work, including recognition  for her “Outstanding Contribution to Culture” at the Emirates Woman of the Year Awards, and “Best Regional Accessory Designer” in 2013 at the GRAZIA Style Awards. You know what they say: everything is better Bil Arabi (in Arabic).


Razan Alazzouni

With a background in sculpture and papermaking, Razan Alazzouni’s passion for art eventually landed her in the fashion world when she started her own clothing line. The Saudi-born and raised designer draws all of her inspiration from the female form. She opts for elegant and luxurious pieces that are still functional, playful, and exude femininity.

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