The Best Cities to Travel to for Spring Break

The Best Cities to Travel to for Spring Break

Travel can be stressful. Whether airfare is through the roof or your boss won’t let you take more than 3 days off work, it’s tough to find the right time to travel the world. But, with Spring Break just around the corner, you already have days off so there are no excuses! Here are 4 incredible cities around the world to visit this coming spring.


Lisbon, Portugal

Admittedly, Lisbon is a beautiful city all year round. But from February, its flora and fauna uncover themselves from the blankets of winter -- dazzling flowers dotting the countryside. The temperature range is between 50-70°F from March through April, so you won’t have to pack bags of heavy North Face jackets, but you also won’t be sweating buckets through your tank top and shorts either. The beautiful weather will make a tour of the city a very enjoyable experience. You can head up to the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte for a beautiful panoramic view of Lisbon, take a ride on an iconic Tram to the neighborhood of Alfama, or take a couple hours to yourself on a beach in Cascais. If you’re looking for a more cultural experience, the Carnaval de Sesimbra is a festive option celebrating the count of the 6 schools of Sambra, with lots of dancing and parading. Lisbon will not disappoint.


Kunming, China

Kunming is a city that is widely underestimated. It’s usually Beijing or Shanghai that make it to people’s bucket lists, but Kunming -- with its year-round perfect weather and its stunning lakes, mountains, and architecture -- will make your heart stop. Springtime is when Kunming’s scenery and fruits reach their pinnacle, so be sure to indulge in the luscious peaches and oranges while sitting on the bay of Lake Dian.

The celebration of culture in Kunming is a very beautiful and admirable aspect of the city, and it just so happens that springtime is peak festival season! Attend the Water-Splashing Festival of Dai in mid-April, where the Dao ethnic group celebrates the New Year by splashing water on each other as a means of congratulations. Or, for those who are looking for more cultural learning experiences, try the Shankang Festival of Blang (ethnic folk song and dance) or the Danga Festival of Tibetan (Tibetan Guozhuang dance)!             


Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii is hands down one of the most beautiful (and popular) destinations to visit in Hawaii. Spring just so happens to be the down season for tourists in Oahu, so it is the ideal time to visit if you’re looking to avoid the crowds and expenses. For all you wildlife-lovers, whale-watching season is also at its peak during the spring. Catch on camera a few of the 10,000 whales on their grand migration from Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii!

If you’re lucky enough to have spring break in March this year, you might be able to attend the amazing March Honolulu Festival, filled with themed arts, culture, and entertainment for all ages. (Yes, I know this is technically not in Oahu, but it’s very close!)

Of course, you can’t go to Hawaii without indulging in the luxurious gems of nature. Head to the Hanuama Bay Nature Preserve, one of Oahu’s many breathtaking beaches, or take a tour of the Oahu Grand Circle --  a natural arena of historical sights and beaches. If you go on a Grand Circle tour, look forward to seeing the Byodo-In Temple, a near exact replica of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Japan.


Málaga, Spain

Málaga is famous for its beautiful beaches and weather, but temperatures can reach blistering heights in the summer months, so the best time to visit would be the spring or fall. Similar to Oahu, August is peak tourist season, so the springtime is the best for those who want to ditch the crowds and steep prices.

In addition to having a drop-dead gorgeous landscape, Málaga is the ideal city for art and history buffs. It’s almost like Paris in the sense that it has tons of diverse museums for people with different passions; for example, El Museo Picasso Málaga has over 200 works by the world-renowned artist Pablo Picasso, and the Carmen Thyssen Museum features international works from the Renaissance. There’s even an Automobile and Fashion Museum, and one featuring beautiful glass and crystal art pieces (called el Museo de Vidrio y Cristal de Málaga)! For history buffs, el Monte Gibralfaro is a hill that has sported fortifications in Spain since the Phoenicians were there in the eighth century BCE. La Alcazaba de Málaga is a similar fortification, this time of the Moores, with luscious gardens and a beautiful view. Málaga has something for everyone!

Spring break is clearly the perfect time to take a few days (or weeks) off to explore the world, so pack your bags and head off!

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