Helping Girls To Avoid From Gender Discrimination At School

Helping Girls To Avoid From Gender Discrimination At School

Children of today will be the adults of tomorrow. That’s precisely why, as a parent, your role is to prepare them best to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the modern world, by helping them with the appropriate education chances and the best possible support. However, there are also social obstacles in the development of your child that you need to address as soon as possible. Gender discrimination is, as it unfortunately still stands, a topic that needs to be part of your child’s education so that they know how to identify and fight it. This article is focused on helping you to prepare your daughter for her life.


Discrimination starts very young

There is no denying that discrimination begins very early in the life of all children, as it is often the result of social expectations. For men and women, gender discrimination starts at birth — if you haven’t noticed, even the baby clothes are gender-colored. In the case of women, being born in a world filled with stereotypes can make it tricky to access certain professions that were traditionally reserved for men. As a result, many women are led to believe that they don’t belong in scientific or high-powered corporate workplaces. As a parent, your duty is to help your daughter see beyond the gender cliché et make the best of her potential in life.

Finding the right school

The best way to support your daughter’s potential is to find a school that is fully designed to promote girls’ confidence and skills through a wide range of educational opportunities. Leicester High School is one of the best academically achieving high schools in the UK, reaching 100% pass rate in the 10th year for its smart students. How does it work? A girls only school can help your daughter to develop skills without suffering from discriminatory comments, or without being accidentally pushed away from her passion on the basis that she was born the wrong gender.


No school? No problem

What if you can’t find the right school in your local area? Homeschooling is a fantastic option for parents who feel that the schools in their neighborhood don’t offer enough opportunities. You can choose to teach or hire a private tutor to provide instruction. More importantly, you can also incorporate new subjects into your daughter’s curriculum, so that you can help her to prepare best for her adult life. However, it’s vital that your child maintains a presence in social groups as growing up in isolation is unhealthy for her development.

Everyday behavior

Little words can go a long way when it comes to building a better future for your child. A positive attitude will naturally help your daughter to feel more confident about her abilities. Additionally, gender-focused comments — girls like pink, boys are better at math, etc. — need to be banned from your household. Instead, focus on personal statements!


For little girls to grow up into strong and happy adults, they need the confidence that they can achieve their dreams through their own skills. Whether you choose to trust a school to guide them, or to homeschool, at the end of the day, what matters is for your daughter to understand that her gender doesn’t define what she can be.

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