The Culture of Abortion Pills: What is Mifegymiso?

The Culture of Abortion Pills: What is Mifegymiso?

This pill, Mifegymiso (also known as mifepristone - misoprostol) is a type of chemical abortion that’s an alternate to an abortion procedure. This drug involves two steps:

1) Mifepristone is used to inhibit the developing of the lining of the uterus and starve the fetus to death

2) Misoprostol causes the uterus to contract and push the dead fetus out.

Mifegymiso was created to allow women to more easily terminate their child without going through a surgical procedure.

I responded to this drug negatively for the following reasons:

  1. Mifegymiso is another way to terminate a life. It’s sad that mothers can now terminate their children simply by taking pills.

  2. It is becoming more acceptable and excusable for the life in the womb to be terminated. The unborn are not being treated as human beings.

  3. I heard that there are many complications and consequences that result from taking this pill. Women should be aware of the effects of taking this pill.

When I first heard of Mifegymiso, I did some research and learned about the negative consequences of this drug. There was one video I watched that stayed on my mind; this was Dr. Laura Lewis’ video. In the video, she explained that there are high risks women face such as heavy bleeding. Women must have access to 24 hour medical care to watch out for complications. She also mentioned that in one study in Canada 1 out of 25 women who took this pill still needed to undergo surgical procedures. There have also been life threatening situations.

I was very shocked to hear this news and decided to find more research. I remember one U.S. study that showed that numerous women experienced complications such as blood loss, being hospitalized, having ectopic (abnormal) pregnancies, and death.


The study can be found here:

I am surprised that this drug is accessible because of its many complications that can risk women’s life. I encourage women to learn more about this drug.

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