Travel Ladybugs: 5 Travel Youtubers You Should Keep Your Eye Out For

Travel Ladybugs: 5 Travel Youtubers You Should Keep Your Eye Out For

by Michelle Chan


You can easily find top tips and articles on traveling via various blog sites, but Youtube is the real search engine that gives you a significant glimpse into the true nature of traveling all over the world. Besides perusing this video site for your weekly dose of cat videos, these next five Youtubers will not only make you want to get up and travel but also teach some pretty interesting life lessons along the way:



I couldn’t not include Damon and Jo in this list; they’re just too amazing. They are two twenty-something year olds who travel all over the world for a living. Their honest, quirky vlogs capture their absolute passion for exploring different cultures and living life to the fullest, especially the ones in different languages (did I mention they speak six languages?). They post videos four times a week and also update their travel blog frequently, so you’ll never get bored!



You’ve probably heard of him––that British guy with dreadlocks and abs and  reminds you of Tarzan sometimes...yeah that’s him. Louis Cole is an amazingly outgoing person who’s always hopping from one country to another every other week filming the outrageously exhilarating adventures he experiences on his trips. From the unconventional and gorgeous world destinations to his incredible (and risky) camera shots he captures in his vlogs, it’s hard not to be intrigued by him and his channel.


Raya (also Louis Cole’s girlfriend) is a travel/lifestyle vlogger who captures all the adventures and cultures she experiences around the world on her Youtube channel, Rayawashere. With her completely down-to-earth personality and hidden wild side, you’d wish she were your best friend.



If you enjoy aesthetically pleasing cinematography and wild travel adventures, this British daily vlogger is the perfect Youtuber for you. While known for his professional kayaking skills, Ben Brown has made his creative debut through his brilliant shots capturing local life and jaw-dropping scenery of various travel destinations, including New York City, South Africa, Canada, and much more.


While Emmy isn’t a travel vlogger per se, she does document herself tasting delicacies sent from her viewers around the world. You can expect her trying foods from Japanese candy-making kits to savoring sweet desserts from Finland all while giving her best critique on them. Her eloquent descriptions of these delicacies are enough to keep you hooked, but it’s really the sheer curiosity of what locals of a country really eat in their daily lives that satisfy your interest.

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