Why #FreeKesha Should Not Be Trending

Why #FreeKesha Should Not Be Trending

by Kate Avino


The Internet is ablaze with rage for Kesha after her loss of a preliminary injunction motion today. Her motion would have freed her from recording under longtime producer Dr. Luke (aka Lukasz Gottwald). Since 2014, Kesha has been embroiled with a lawsuit against Dr. Luke and Sony Music (the company that owns his production label, Kemosabe Records) because of his alleged sexual and emotional harassment towards her. This overturned motion would have allowed Kesha to prematurely terminate her contract and “release music outside of Gottwald’s shadow,” The Verge reports.


Luke, of course, filed a countersuit for defamation against Kesha. The pop star has not only had to put her career on the line so she could testify in court, but she has also had to face her abuser time and time again.


New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich ended the motion today, telling Kesha’s lawyer, “You’re asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry.”


Once the ruling was released, supports of Kesha took to Twitter to express their opinions.



In a matter of minutes, #FreeKesha was trending.


And this was wrong.


Trending topics on Twitter can surely be gateways to societal change. They can hold conversations in one place about topics that matter. But #FreeKesha should not be a trending topic. It should be a law. It should be a basic human acknowledgment.


#FreeKesha is not just about an Internet rally. It is a cry for women in the United States to be treated equally under the law, in all ways. #FreeKesha is not a gateway for change if there are no laws - or humanistic perspectives - to free victims from their abusers. #FreeKesha will not change our legal system to release pop stars from contracts that were started when they were minors.


#FreeKesha will not teach men not to rape or abuse.


Instead, I invite Kesha’s supporters - and anyone who supports women, for that matter - to teach women that they do not need to be told how to behave. They do not need to be put in their place. They should be able to thrive in any environment, and they should not be afraid to be talented because of the men who control those talents. Women do not report their sexual assaults because they know that the law will not side with them; this needs to change - and fast.

#FreeKesha should not be trending because there should be no reason for it to be trending in the first place. 


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