5 Nonprofit Organizations for Adolescent Girls To Support

5 Nonprofit Organizations for Adolescent Girls To Support

by Danyelle R. Carter

If you’re interested changing the life of an adolescent girl for the better, here is a shortlist of camps, organizations, and mentoring programs that are great to launch your volunteer career or gift giving spirit. Through many of these resource nonprofits, girls have the opportunity to build confidence, enhance self-esteem, develop leadership skills, empower, uplift and educate our girls.


Modern Day Cinderella



Modern Day Cinderella is on a mission is to educate, empower and promote a positive self-image among teen girls regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation by providing them with the educational resources and opportunities necessary to identify and reach their life and career goals. Modern Day Cinderella Inc. graciously accepts corporate and in-kind donations (gift cards, limos, hair/nail services, make-up, event locations, etc.) as well as, sponsor and partnership opportunities for events and programs.


Black Girls Smile



Black Girls Smile focuses on ensuring all young African American girls in New York receive the resources and support necessary to lead mentally healthy lives The mission of Black Girls Smile is to empower young African American women to take ownership of their mental health and stability by advocating and enhancing young African American girl’s sense of self and promote positive and healthy decision making. Black Girls Smile created a sense of community for young African American females to combat the stigmas associated with mental health within the black community and provide information, support, and resources to families of at-risk and suffering African American girls to assist in fostering healthy, supportive and loving family relationships. Black Girls Smile is always looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to help them further their work. Visit their Volunteer page to learn about available volunteer opportunities.


Girl Museum



Girl Museum is the first and only museum in the world dedicated to celebrating girls and girlhood. Established in March 2009, the virtual museum believe girls are the key to a brighter, better future and that girls deserve to have a museum of their own. By giving girls a space in which they can document, preserve, and present their history and culture, we empower girls to lead healthy, happy lives dedicated to creating a better world for all. Girls across the world now have a space that not only focuses on them, but also uplifts them. In the next five years, Girl Museum hopes to raise the funds needed to cover the cost of operations. These funds will cover their production of at least 3 exhibits per year, podcasts and educational programs, operational costs, and infrastructure upgrades needed to begin working on new forms of engaging programming.





Smart-Girl is an organization that empowers pre-teen and teen girls to make smart choices and become confident, capable, self-reliant young women. The organization helps to enhance critical thinking skills, social-emotional intelligence, optimism and resilience in adolescent’s games, art, discussions, projects and interactive exercises. Through these programs, girls learn how to discover, strive for and reach their highest potential. Smart-Girl is looking for confident, compassionate, self-motivated young women to serve as mentors. Those with an interest in leadership, community interaction, adolescent development, counseling, social work, psychology, teaching or other related areas make a great fit for our programs. And you can earn college credit!


A Girl and Her Pearls



A Girl and Her Pearls is a program for middle school through college-aged girls, ages 12 to 22. The organization provides valuable strategies for building character and integrity by identifying the pearls of life and it teaches each girl how to protect and cultivate these pearls. Each girl learns how to recognize the value of her pearls, the importance of receiving her pearls and the reward of protecting and keeping her pearls. If you would like to help a girl appreciate that she is fearfully and wonderfully made, accept that being different is special and aspire to find her purpose in life volunteering and donating with A Girl and Her Pearls is a great place to start.


There are many organizations that provide different and similar opportunities to help girls become better citizens and by volunteering and donating we can all help girls achieve their goals and shape a better world.

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