10 Signs You're a World Changer

10 Signs You're a World Changer

10 Signs You're a World Changer

Let's face the facts. It takes some real guts to be a world changer. Here are 10 tell-tale signs that you could be the next great social activist:

1. You have a birthday.

All world changers got their start the day they were born, of course.

2. You have a favorite color.

The world changers that I've met have always been drawn to one hue or another. Hmmmm...coincidence? I think not!

3. You have a group of friends that you love hanging out with.

World changers love to be surrounded by a small group or large group of friends. 

4. You have awesome family members to support you.

Family members are an integral part of a world changer's beginnings (good or bad!) Trust me.

5. You have great hair and striking eyes.

Whoah, beautiful! You rock that 'do.

6. You know that the sky is blue.

As far as I know, all world changers have an idea that the sky is blue.

7. You enjoy being in a positive environment.

Let's face it. Negative atmospheres don't really foster a creative world changer's mind.

8. You’re incredibly talented (in ANYTHING!)

Love art? Think writing is cool? Netflix is your best friend? Yeah, all world changers have something they're good at (and love to do!)

9. You’re socially conscious.

No matter your political, religious, or cultural know what's going on in the world.

10. You’re you - a perfect human being with a brain and a huge heart.

I know what you're thinking...

"But Kate! You just described everyone!"

Well, my're right! You've got what it takes to be a world changer just by being human. Now go out there and turn this world inside out for the better.

Kate is a 19-year-old millennial who attends New York University and has extensive knowledge in journalism, media, and communications. She is the founder and CEO of Her Culture.

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