Dove Ad Reveals What Women Think About Themselves

Dove Ad Reveals What Women Think About Themselves

Dove Ad Reveals What Women Think About Themselves

A new advert by Dove forces women to confront the negative thoughts they have about their own bodies.

The idea was to speak to a number of women and have them write down the nasty things they say to themselves. Then they were invited to a cafe to confront their own thoughts.

One of the ladies who took part said that when she overheard what she had written about herself she realised that it was violent, “now I get how violent it is.” Another women agreed stating, “I hope my daughter never speaks to herself like that”.

The idea of the Dove advert was to encourage women to think “beautiful thoughts” about themselves. It has also now started a social media campaign called OneBeautifulThought.

The advert ends by asking: “When was the last beautiful thought you had about yourself?

A new Dove worldwide survey found that 96 per cent of women thought that they were “average.” A video filmed in five countries highlights this statistic. Participants had to choose between doors marked “beautiful” and “average.”

Dove erected signs above doors to public buildings and filmed womens actions when faced with having to walk through one or the other. The vast majority chose to walk through the “average” door which corresponded closely with the survey results.

Many women said afterwards that they regretted their decision, and that it had affected how they felt about themselves.

Dove states that feeling beautiful is a matter of choice that women should feel empowered to make for themselves every day. This I completely agree with. Women are beautiful and this is something which we should start shouting from the roof tops.

Nina is in her Honours year at The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow studying History. She loves keeping fit and healthy at the gym and singing to her hearts content. Because of Nina's love of all things history related, she has a passion for reading, writing and researching. Nina is the Editor-in-Chief for an online magazine for female students at Strathclyde called Her Campus Strath and wants to continue her passion for writing after graduation. 

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