The Culture of Nylon Pink

The Culture of Nylon Pink

The Culture of Nylon Pink

What happens when you combine five Asian American girls with a passion for making music? For the rock group Nylon Pink, this was how their story began. Each group member demonstrates a contagious respect for their culture. Check out our Q and A here!

1. Each of you are of Asian American descent. How does your culture influence your music?

Kiki: We are huge fans of KPOP which has a lot of influence on how we write our music. The melodies are super catchy so we like to transform the songs into a more heavier electronic sound.

2. What inspired each of you to enter the music industry? Did you know that this was something you always wanted to go into?

Katt: Music has always been a huge part of my life. We've all been playing since such a young age I think it's ingrained in our system [laughs]. As an artist it's a way to express who you are to the world.

3. How does your fashion style reflect your personality?

Katt: My style is influenced by so many different things including Japanese and LA street culture.  I have a very different and unique style than most which most wouldn't understand.... My look embodies Harajuku cuteness, sex appeal and funk.

Yuki: My closet has such a variety of styles, which embodies different traits of my personality. I can go from punky LA streetwear to cutesy Tokyo influenced clothing and to elegant dresses. It just depends on my mood and what I plan to do for the day.

4. What inspires your songs - are they based mostly on personal experience or something else?

Yuki: Both! Most of our originals are inspired by personal experiences involving love, rebellion, obsession, freedom, etc. The girls and I love KPOP so we are influenced by that also.

5. You've toured extensively throughout the world. When on tour, what are your absolute essentials?

Katt: We have toured around the world and it's ONE of the best parts being in a band! I feel so blessed to have travelled around the world and experience different cultures, meet new people and, of course, perform for our fans.  When on tour I cannot leave without  my crazy eyelashes, headphones, and lots of chocolate [laughs].

Yuki: Being able to tour with the girls and sharing such an extraordinary experience is such a blessing. The things you’ll find in my bag are: skin care products, my Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, a book, and sketchbook or travel diary.

6. What's next for Nylon Pink?

Kaila: Next up is a lot more original music, a new music video and hopefully a Europe tour very soon! Make sure to check out our new website

7. What advice would you give to someone wanting to make waves in the entertainment industry?

Katt: I suppose the obvious thing is to work hard and never give up but as an artist it's so, so, so important to understand business.  People will try to take advantage of you and  you don't want to be left broke! In addition, I can't stress how essential it is to surround yourself with good people, without a good team you can't succeed.

Julia Schemmer is a senior from Norco High School, where she participates in five AP classes, is the president of the Female Empowerment Club and Link Crew, and publicist of Chinese Culture Club, American Cancer Society, and the FIDM Fashion Club. Aside from managing the communications at Her Culture, she is the founder of She Speaks Media and The Face of Cancer, editor for The Prospect Magazine, editor in chief of Motivation Daily, and contributor for the Huffington Post. Her future endeavors consist of becoming an international human rights lawyer, foreign correspondent, diplomat, and finally seeing the day where Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar.

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