5 Culturally Redefining Things To Do This Spring Break

5 Culturally Redefining Things To Do This Spring Break

5 Culturally Redefining Things To Do This Spring Break

Feeling overwhelmed with the endless list of homework assignments, tests, quizzes, and that one family reunion you can’t seem to get out of? Have no fear, for Spring Break is upon us. For high school and college students alike, Spring Break is the glorious time of the year when troubles are locked away by the smell of suntan lotion, the promise of the beaches, and the sound of the latest One Direction song blasting through your car windows.

Spring Break provides incredible opportunities to increase your worldview, make a difference towards something you’re passionate about, and learn more about the incredible cultures that the world provides. Check out the top five things you can do to make your Spring Break not just fun, but memorable:

Watch a TED Talk.

TED Talks are short, fifteen minute interesting lectures about a given topic, such as making responsible choices. Each TED speaker has a unique story that translates to whatever they choose to speak about. Warning: once you get started watching these videos, be prepared to become addicted, binge watching them until your laptop runs out of battery life.

Go to the library.

Nothing’s better than taking a walk to the park and reading an amazing story. Whether you fancy the latest romance from John Green or the classic lessons from Jane Austen, each book has worth and can change your perspectives. One of my favorite books, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, was discovered by spending a summer reading and trying to understand his beautiful language. Through books, you are opened to a new world of possibilities and what society valued during the time that the work was written.


Nonprofit organizations never take a break, and are always in need of spare hands to help run their organizations! Whether it’s spending an afternoon with an elderly person or playing with puppies at the animal shelter, you can use your spare time to make a difference in your community. Without change in the community, change in the world wouldn’t be possible, so the little acts that you do to make the world a little more brighter matters!


Mental health is vital. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during the semester. The struggle to get the best grades possible, remain active on campus, help with your family, and all while looking flawless in four inch heels can be debilitating. This spring break, take a breather! Read some blog articles, create a fun DIY facial, and binge-watch Gilmore Girls. After all, this is a break, and it may be the only chance you’ll get to sit down until summer vacation.

Talk to your mom and grandmother.

The greatest cultural stories begin in your own home. What was your mom’s world like growing up? Did your grandmother face the same struggles we do today? Have lunch with your loved ones, and take time to listen to their unique stories. You may find yourself shocked and eager to hear more!

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Julia Schemmer is a senior from Norco High School, where she participates in five AP classes, is the president of the Female Empowerment Club and Link Crew, and publicist of Chinese Culture Club, American Cancer Society, and the FIDM Fashion Club. Aside from managing the communications at Her Culture, she is the founder of She Speaks Media and The Face of Cancer, editor for The Prospect Magazine, editor in chief of Motivation Daily, and contributor for the Huffington Post. Her future endeavors consist of becoming an international human rights lawyer, foreign correspondent, diplomat, and finally seeing the day where Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar.

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