Revealed: The Top New Year’s Resolutions For 2016

Revealed: The Top New Year’s Resolutions For 2016


The year is nearly over, and that can mean only one thing: it’s the holidays!

But after those celebrations have ended, it’s time to make a change for the better. Nobody is perfect, and the New Year is the perfect opportunity to upgrade our lives in one shape or another. There are many different options that you could take, but some resolutions are far more common than others.

Here are some of the best that you can start from January 1st… Ok, 2nd, as you’ll be far too hungover on New Year’s Day.

Lose Weight

The most common item to appear on lists every year is to get fit, and 2016 is no exception. We’re all guilty of putting on a few pounds over the festive period, so there’s no better time to start building a healthier lifestyle than for 2016.

When we look good, we feel good. Toning up to get in the best shape of your life doesn’t have to be hard either. Employ a solid, healthy diet and head to the gym regularly with an exercise buddy to ensure that you see great results.

Quit Smoking

We all have bad habits in life, but smoking is easily one of the worst. It’s expensive and impacts our physical appearance. Worst of all, it causes major damage to your insides.

The growth of vaping has revolutionized the way people wean themselves away from cigarettes. Quite frankly, this is probably your best chance of finally quitting the habit for good. Meanwhile, there are plenty of support groups to offer further assistance.

Start A Business

Most people have had dreams about launching a company at one stage. If your career isn’t quite going the way you expected it to, then 2016 could be the perfect time to take matters into your own hands.

We’ve seen many startups succeed in recent times. Moreover, the internet has created opportunities like never before. If you’ve got the drive and determination, there’s nothing to stop you from reaching those career goals. Even if you start out as a side project and work your way up.

Go Green

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the damage that we’ve caused to the earth. Improving our ways is high on many people’s agendas, and the New Year is the ideal time to make a vow for better choices.

The first step to leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is to educate yourself on the subject. Read David Icke on Planetary Change and you’ll soon have a much greater understanding. In turn, this will help you improve your home and you daily habits. You’ll be helping the planet, and boosting your bank balance too.

Find Love

Everybody wants and deserves to be loved in this world, and finding a partner is something that most single people will aim for in 2016. This isn’t something that should be rushed, as it will come in due course. Nevertheless, there are ways to improve your chances.

The key is to put yourself out there. If you aren’t confident enough to mingle, dating websites are a great option to help you find love. Either way, the most important thing is to first find happiness in yourself.

Only then can you achieve it with someone else too.

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