Greetings from the Philippines

Greetings from the Philippines

Kumusta, Her Culture readers! As you all probably know the Philippines is going through some very chaotic times right now. The reported second-deadliest typhoon in the Philippines history hit Haiyan. This widespread devastation has hit extremely hard not only in central Philippines (Samar Island and Leyte) but also neighboring islands like Micronesia and Paru and countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, and China.

However, the biggest problem that I see is that no one seems to know or care a whole lot about the issue. Odd, but no one is making it a big deal when it actually is. Though most of us know about it, not everyone knows all the details or does anything about it. Teens just like me are being left without shelter, food, family nor friends.

How would you feel if a typhoon struck your town? The feeling of being alone and not knowing what to do is possibly the worst feeling in the world.

I will confess, I have no drop of Filipino in me yet I am proud to say I am someone who gladly supports the cause and is willing to help out and volunteer if the opportunity came up. Just because something may not pertain to you does not mean it isn’t important and shouldn’t be fought for. Even donating $1 can help so much. Don’t leave it to the big organizations or the government to solve the problem. Be the change you want to see and stand up for something that is worthwhile.

Ultimately, you should care about the Philippines because tragedies like that can happen to any country and we would most certainly want the gracious support. Start a fundraiser at your school, make flyers, donate money, donate food and clothes, and/or volunteer. You must become aware of other cultures and countries so that you may be that change needed in the world.

Check out these helpful sites: World Food Program , The American Red Cross , and International Rescue Committee


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A Reminder to Give Thanks

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