6 Things You Should Know About Caring For Your Vaporizer

6 Things You Should Know About Caring For Your Vaporizer

Imagine that your postman just delivered your brand new DaVinci IQ vaporizer. It is no surprise that you are excited as you have been waiting for this for awhile now. As with anything new, the shine and sleekness of your vaporizer adds to your excitement. However, a couple of weeks later, your device looks gunky, dirty and its performance is waning. You're even considering a new one. Just then, the realization that you can clean your vaporizer hits you. Supposing you owned the device in the past, the pattern sounds familiar. At some point, all of us were vaporizer newbies and may not know how to care for such a device. No worries, though!

For optimum performance and long-term usage, regular maintenance of your vape box remains essential. Moreover, keeping the vaporizer's components cleansed guarantees that you derive maximum flavor from every hit. To aid in your quest to keep your device sparkling clean, we compiled a vaporizer care guide.

1. Understand the anatomy

To follow recommended cleaning tips, you must understand a vaporizer’s components. Usually, a vaporizer comprises of three key sections.

·         Tank: The tank holds the e-liquid and usually is integrated with the atomizer to form a single unit.

·         Battery: This is the power source and is housed within the main compartment.

·         Coil: This is the heating element that turns e-liquid into vapor.

Similar in construction, box mods like the Da Vinci vaporizer, consist of a much larger housing unit and powerful batteries. The increased capabilities result in more vapor, an enhanced and satisfying throat hit, and better flavor.

It is also a good idea to clean and rinse your vape tank each time you switch flavors, to avoid compromising the new flavor. We also recommend a thorough cleansing weekly.

2. Cleaning saves you money

Cleaning might not seem important to you; however, take a step back and consider how much you might save. You stand doubling your device’s  life span by just regular cleaning, thereby, saving you money. Over two years and the lifespan of a premium vaporizer, this does add up.

3. Useful accessories

Paper towels, grime stix, pipe cleaners, and grime wipes are among essential accessories to acquire for effective cleanings.

Cleaning solution loosens residue, easing the process of wiping it away.

·         Pipe cleaners: Pipe cleaners fit into the crannies and nooks of some parts. A quick internet search will assist in obtaining a cleaner. Bristle pipe cleaners, for instance, are preferred.

·         Grime wipes: Ethanol pre-soaked wipes are suitable for maintenance, especially for the mouthpiece and heating tank.  

·         Grime stix: Cotton swabs comprising of an internal cleaning solution repository. Start by cutting off the grime stix and alcohol-based cleaning solution, allow it to flow into the heating area and you're set.

·         Paper towels: Required for just about any cleaning task. After all, you wipe off the vapor and get set to start a new session with a cleansed vaporizer.

4. Vapes need some salt

As you clean removable parts, add a bit of salt to your alcohol solution or water – assuming the manual states it okay to soak the elements – for improved cleaning power.

5. Scraper tool removes anything

Use a scraper tool to get rid of herb and dust particles to boost your vaporizer's lifetime.

6. Tools aren't always necessary

Empty your vaporizer after each session. If your vape coils with AVB inside, the oils tend to solidify, making cleaning sessions cumbersome. Make your life easier by emptying the vape right after use.

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