5 Unique Bedding Ideas For 2019

5 Unique Bedding Ideas For 2019

Beddings or bed linens are a significant aspect of bedroom décor. Since the biggest and the centerpiece furniture of the bedroom is the bed, it is essential that its bed cover is suited to the overall mood of the bedroom.

If you are tired of the same old white cotton beddings that you have at home, here are some unique bedding ideas for 2019 to upgrade its look.

1.    Go personalized

Nothing beats unique bedding that represents the owner's personality than having it personalized by Vision Bedding. Personalized beddings are great, especially if you are going for a very “me” theme in your bedroom. The bedclothes can be a representative of your favorite character, activity, hobby or your favorite person or pet. This is a great idea, especially if you are decorating your kids’ bedroom.

Depending on your choice of print on the personalized bedding, this can dictate the whole décor theme of the room. It can be fun, bright or witty, but it is definitely a décor that is very you.

2.    Add texture

If you love your cotton beddings but you want to elevate the overall look of your bed, then try adding texture by layering a textured cloth like crocheted or satin coverlets over your plain beddings. Adding a knitted or textured fabric throw blanket will also improve its look.Textured beddings will also work the same. It depends on what look or style you are going for.

Take a look at magazines or find inspiration from your favorite fancy hotels or chic boutique hotels. 2019 is a year to experiment with texture, especially since it's going back in style. There’s a lot of choices to choose from like velvet, plain faux fur, or you can go crazier with printed faux fur.

If layering textured coverlets seem too much texture for you, you can still improve the look of the bed and the bedroom in general by adding throw pillows and decorative pillows that have texture.

3.    Go for quilts.

A quilt is a bed cover that has padding in between layers of fabric. The top layer of fabric is usually very colorful, and is made of different patterns of cloth arranged decoratively. A quilt is very handy, especially during cold nights, but it can also be an excellent idea for bedding.

A quilt can be added to pop the color of your bedroom when you have gotten tired of the plain and monotone look. If you want to go for a more bohemian, hipster and laid back look, quilts are also the choice of bedding to go for.

4.    Add some fringe, tassels, and pompoms.

Look for beddings that have little details like fringe, tassels, and pompoms as they are very trendy in 2019. These little details can bring a lavish and luxurious look that reminds you of a modern Victorian style. They are best paired with fabrics that have a deep color and very soft and fluffy texture.

When you can balance the right fabric with the fringe, tassel or pom pom, then achieving a posh look for your bedding is easy to make. Do not overdo it, though. A little bit can go a long way.

Color is also an important factor, especially for tassels. Gold or silver tassels look very elegant and are better paired with neutral colors. Fringe and pom poms also work best when they match the color of the fabric of the bedding. Contrasting will also work if the fabrics are printed.

5.    Mix it up

There are so many ways to mix things up when it comes to your beddings. The important thing to remember is the common theme. For example, the same patterns but different colors or vice versa.

You can also throw in some different textures for a very chic look. Mixing prints with plain-colored beddings can also work if they have something in common. Using art-inspired pillow covers in smooth satin fabrics with plain white beddings are also stylish and easy to achieve.

Stripes and checks are also very fashionable this year. Mixing these prints and creating a harmonious and balanced pattern can create a very classic look that fits whatever season or mood you are in.

Following new trends for unique beddings doesn’t mean you have to buy whole new sets every few months. You can buy few things which expresses your style, and make them work with what you already have. There are a lot of things and places to get inspiration from when you think of changing up the look of your bed. You only have to find the motivation in yourself, so you can create the look that you want.

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