Traveller's Guide: The Best Time to Take a Cruise

Traveller's Guide: The Best Time to Take a Cruise

We lead busy lives dictated by hectic schedules. Work, family, and social responsibilities keep us constantly on the go. Sometimes, we want to get away from it all. Many people yearn for a vacation that ensures rest, relaxation, fun and excitement, excellent food and drink, and inspiration that is brought by visiting beautiful places in the world.

That's why cruising has become such a popular vacation plan for more and more people. Fortunately, cruise lines offer a wide array of cruising schedules and destinations.

If you're thinking about your next vacation, you might be wondering when is the best time to take a cruise. For example, you might be thinking about the dreamy Bermuda retreat with Celebrity. When would be the best time to go?

The answer to that question is that it depends on where you're going. Climate and weather dictate the best time of year for cruising to destinations all over the world.

Here are some ideas about the best time to take a cruise in six popular locations around the world.

Best Time to Cruise in Europe

European cruising is subject to temperature fluctuations the occur naturally with the seasons. So, the specific location of your cruise will dictate the best timing. Northern Europe has a longer winter, therefore the window of opportunity for cruising is shorter. In southern Europe and the Mediterranean region, the warmer climate allows for a longer cruising season.

1. In Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea, cruises run from May through October.

2. Mediterranean cruises can be enjoyed in April through November.

3. In the Greek Islands and the Canary Islands, the cruising season stretches from March through December.

Best Time to Cruise in the Caribbean

The lure of the Caribbean can be attributed to how it beckons to residents of the northern hemisphere during the coldest time of the year. Because of year-round, warm temperatures, cruising can be enjoyed at any time in the Caribbean.

The months with the least rainfall are December through April. Visitors can be assured more beach time during these dry months.

Additionally, travelers who are planning Caribbean cruises might want to avoid hurricane season. Hurricanes can pose a problem during late summer and early fall.

Best Time to Cruise in Hawaii

Like the Caribbean, Hawaii offers warm temperatures that make cruising a pleasure at any time of year.

To avoid the rainy season, you might want to plan your Hawaiian cruise during summer or fall. The summer tends to be the busiest tourist season due to children's school vacations and to the popularity of Hawaii as a honeymoon destination. So, the fall might be the best time to enjoy a less crowded Hawaiian cruise.

Best Time to Cruise in Mexico

Mexico offers a mild climate that makes cruising comfortable year-round. Many Western Caribbean cruise itineraries include Mexican ports of call. Additionally, specific Mexico cruises are available in all seasons.

To avoid the rainy season, it's best to go between the months of November and May. And, because hurricanes could be a problem in Mexico, you might want to avoid the late summer and early fall seasons.

Best Time to Cruise in Alaska

Alaskan cruising has exploded in popularity in recent years. Due to its extreme northern location, Alaska offers a short cruising season: only from May through September. Although the warmest temperatures are experienced in June through August, tourists can be assured of the least rainfall during the month of May.

Best Time to Cruise in New England and Canada

Like Alaska, New England and Canada offer cruising opportunities only during a relatively short season: May through October. The warmest temperatures can be experienced in late June through August.

Many tourists to New England and Canada plan their trips to coincide with the gorgeous show of color provided by changing leaves on the trees. If you want to experience the splendid fall color, then you should plan your cruise during early-to-mid October.

Which cruising location will you choose? Whenever and wherever you take your next cruise, you're sure to enjoy the beauty of nature along with many wonderful amenities provided by your captain and crew.

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