Decor Ideas for the Basement

Decor Ideas for the Basement

Forget about the scary movies that depict basements as scary places that the boogieman prefers to await his victims in. If you have a house that has a basement, you are very lucky because you will have extra space that you can transform into a usable functional space for you and your family.

Uses of basements

Basements have very many uses. You can rent out the basement for that extra shilling. Additional uses include a lounge area for the family, a play area for the children or a media center where you can watch your favorite movies. You can also install the gym equipment there and use the space to work out. Put in study chairs for the kids so they can use it to do their homework, away from the noise in the general living area.   

Home office

Working from home can be very difficult because of the distractions including the kids running around or the television been turned on too loud. With a basement, you can easily get a space where you can work without interfering with you. If you will have clients visiting then you may consider putting an entrance in the basement so that the clients do not troop in through the main living area.

Consider soundproofing the basement to give you total peace when you're engrossed in your work. Install enough lighting especially if you do not have the advantage of having a window in the basement. The lightning is also important for the times you'll be working late into the night and you do not want to strain your eyes with poor lighting.  It also adds to the ambiance of the place by making it warm and inviting.


Basements have a bad reputation of being cold, dark and prone to melding. Avoid rotting or mold build-up by ensuring that the contractor does the eavestrough installation correctly so that no water collects in certain points and leaks into the basement.

You can use some amazing decor ideas to transform your basement into a space that everyone will want to spend their time in. Use rugs, nice furniture, and decor pieces. You can also set up a few games like a pool table for everyone's entertainment.

Make the space warm and inviting by using wall to wall carpeting or a rug, not only does it warm up the place but it makes it look more spacious. Use an interesting mix of fabric on the furniture to give it a warm stylish feel. Select fabric that is durable and comes in an interesting mix of textures and colors.

Because they tend to retain moisture, use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture and improve the air quality. If possible put in a window so as to light up the space and let in more air. Use light or cherry colors on the walls for a more cheerful, airy look.

The basement is no longer just a storage room,  it is extra space that you can customize to suit whatever purposes you have, whether for entertainment, work or as an extra living area. Put in a bar, comfortable seats and a sound system and use the space to entertain your friends.  Ladies, you can let your man have the basement as his man cave; it will save you from having to watch soccer with him.

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