4 Surprising Causes Of Chronic Pain

4 Surprising Causes Of Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain? It’s exactly as it sounds. The pain will be somewhere in your body, will reoccur and could potentially become constant over time. An estimated 25 million people suffer from chronic pain in America alone. You might think that chronic pain is completely random. However, typically, there is a cause of your chronic pain, even if you are not aware of it. Here are some of the most surprising reasons why you might develop this condition that will impact on the quality of your life.


Feeling Stressed?

You might be surprised to hear that if you are feeling stressed or anxious, this can result in you experiencing some form of chronic pain. The mind is quite peculiar in this way. If you are feeling stressed, to cope with it, the issue can manifest in a physical problem that is more easy to address and understand. For instance, you might get a migraine, or you could develop a pain in your back. This isn’t the only mental issue that can cause chronic pain to develop either.

Fear and certain forms of PTSD can also trigger chronic pain somewhere in the body. You can learn more about PTSD from Psychology Today. As such, rather than going to the doctor to get this pain treated, you may want to consider therapy.


An Age Old Injury

You might have fallen over years ago and walked it off. Perhaps you were involved in a car accident but didn’t see any signs of physical damage. You completely forgot about the incident, and that meant an underlying issue you weren’t aware of didn’t receive any treatment and couldn’t heal properly. Chronic pain can develop years after an injury, and that’s why you should always see a doctor after an accident. You can learn more from Dolman Law Group about why seeing a doctor s a necessity and the issues that can develop if you do not get an expert opinion on the extent of your injury.


The Wrong Way To Lift

In your job, you might be required to lift large objects. Or, you may just be moving home without a full removal team. If this is the case, it’s important to lift the right way. Bend your knees, keep your back straight and make sure that you are not lifting an object that is too heavy. You can see what we mean about lifting the right way in the video below:

Lifting the wrong way can potentially leave you with a chronic back pain that will get worse as you age.


Drug Issues

Have you ever read the potential side effects of the medication that may have been prescribed by a doctor? It can be quite scary. For instance, some types of medicine to treat acne have been found to cause people to develop suicidal thoughts. As for pain, lots of meds that have severe joint and muscle pain as a potential side effect. That’s why if you develop chronic pain, one of the first steps should be to check the potential secondary effects of any medication you are on or ask your doctor.

By knowing these causes, you can avoid these issues and ensure chronic pain does not impact your quality of life.

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